Discography Notes: (1) Soundtracks are listed here only where music is composed and/or recorded specifically for that soundtrack. In cases where an already-existing track is used (i.e., the use of "Rock is Dead" in "The Matrix"), that will be referenced on the album details page; (2) Singles will be listed here only if they contain original tracks not available on an album; otherwise all singles will be indicated on the album detail pages (4) On albums where Jeordie was a guest, only the songs that he had a role in will be listed in album details.

THE BIG PINK: The Love That's Ours
Release Date: 09.30.2022
Label: N/A
Track: How Far We've Come

JEFF HILLIARD: Abandon [Single]
Release Date: 06.24.2022
Label: N/A

UNKLE: The Road Part II - Lost Highway
Release Date: 05.10.19
Label: Songs for the Def

UNKLE: The Road Part I
Release Date: 08.18.17
Label: Songs for the Def

SSHH: Issues
Release Date: March 2017
Label: None

Emptiness: Not For Music
Release Date: 01.20.17
Label: Season of Mist

Jamey Johnson/Twiggy Ramirez/Shooter Jennings: You Are My Sunshine [EP]
Release Date: 11.26.13
Label: Black Country Rock

Black Lodge [EP - Digital]
Release Date: 10.22.13
Label: N/A

Jeff Hilliard: Good Life [Single]
Release Date: 01.11.13
Label: N/A

Marilyn Manson: Born Villain
Release Date: 04.30.12 Worldwide; 05.01.12 North America
Label: Cooking Vinyl/Hell Etc.

Melissa Auf Der Maur: Out of Our Minds
Release Date: 04.06.10
Label: EMI

Cinema Bizarre: Bang!
Release Date: 08.25.09
Label: Interscope

Adam Freeland: Cope
Release Date: 06.09.09
Label: Marine Parade

Marilyn Manson: The High End of Low
Release Date: 05.26.09
Label: Interscope

Oasis: Falling Down - Twiggy Ramirez Remix [Single]
Release Date: 03.09.09
Label: Big Brother Recordings

Oasis: I'm Outta Time - Twiggy Ramirez Remix [Single]
Release Date: 12.01.08
Label: Big Brother Recordings

Unkle: War Stories
Release Date: 07.24.07
Label: Surrender All

Goon Moon: Licker's Last Leg
Release Date: 05.08.07
Label: Ipecac Recordings

Goon Moon: I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine
Release Date: 06.07.05
Label: Suicide Squeeze

Soundtrack: Goal!
Release Date: 10.25.05
Label: Big Brother

A Perfect Circle: eMOTIVe
Release Date: 11.02.04
Label: Virgin

Dead Celebrity Status: Blood Music
Release Date: [10.19.04
Label: HRM/Warner Music Canada

Melissa Auf Der Maur: Auf Der Maur
Release Date: 03.01.04
Label: Capitol

March: March [EP]
Release Date: October 2003
Label: None

Desert Sessions Vol. 9 & 10
Release Date: 09.23.03
Label: RekordsRekords/Ipecac

A Perfect Circle: Thirteenth Step
Release Date: 09.16.03
Label: Virgin

Compilation: Songs From the Material World - A Tribute to George Harrison
Release Date: 02.25.03
Label: Koch

Dragpipe: Music for the Last Day of Your Life
Release Date: 08.27.02
Label: Interscope

Soundtrack: Rock Star
Release Date: 08.28.01
Label: Posthuman/Priority

Dave Navarro: Trust No One
Release Date: 06.19.01
Label: Capitol

Godhead: 2000 Years of Human Error
Release Date: 01.23.01
Label: Posthuman/Priority

Marilyn Manson: Holy Wood (In the Shadow of the Valley of Death)
Release Date: 11.14.00
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Marilyn Manson: Disposable Teens [Single]
Release Date: 11.07.00
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Marilyn Manson: The Last Tour on Earth
Release Date: 11.16.99
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Marilyn Manson: Mechanical Animals
Release Date: 09.14.98
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Soundtrack: Detroit Rock City
Release Date: 08.03.99
Label: Mercury/Universal

Soundtrack: Dead Man on Campus
Release Date: 08.04.98
Label: Dreamworks

Rasputina: Transylvanian Regurgitations
Release Date: 08.12.97
Label: Columbia

Soundtrack: Spawn
Release Date: 07.29.97
Label: Sony

Howard Stern's Private Parts
Release Date: 02.25.97
Label: Warner Bros.

Soundtrack: Lost Highway
Release Date: 02.18.97
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Antichrist Superstar
Release Date: 10.08.96
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Smells Like Children
Release Date: 10.24.95
Label: Nothing/Interscope

Amboog.A.Lard: A New Hope
Release Date: 1993
Label: Ty-Fy

Amboog.A.Lard: 1991 Pro Demo
Release Date: Unreleased

Music Videos

Good Life [Jeff Hilliard - Good Life]
Slo-Mo-Tion [Marilyn Manson - Born Villian]
No Reflection [Marilyn Manson - Born Villain]
Arma-Goddamn-Motherfucking-Geddon [Marilyn Manson - The High End of Low]
Survivalism [Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero]
The Hand That Feeds [Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth]
Tainted Love [Marilyn Manson - Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack]
The Nobodies [Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood]
The Fight Song [Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood]
Disposable Teens [Marilyn Manson - Holy Wood]
Coma White [Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals]
Rock Is Dead [Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals]
I Don't Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me [Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals]
The Dope Show [Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals]
Long Hard Road Out of Hell [Marilyn Manson - Spawn Soundtrack]
Cryptochid [Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar]
Man That You Fear [Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar]
Tourniquet [Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar]
The Beautiful People [Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar]
Sweet Dreams [Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children]
Dope Hat [Marilyn Manson - Smells Like Children]
Lunchbox [Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family]
Get Your Gunn [Marilyn Manson - Portrait Of An American Family]
Space Lord [Monster Magnet - Powertrip]

Film | Television

Frankenstein [Initial Release April 12, 2015]
Adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic novel, written and directed by Bernard Rose, set in modern day Los Angeles, told through the eyes of the monster. Cameo role as "Skid Row Man". See full summary, cast and crew along with all release dates and availability here. Available for rental and purchase in the US on Amazon and iTunes

Massacre [Released Summer 2015]
Independent short film directed by Eric Boccio and written by Pandie Suicide. Cameo role as "Street Detective"; also co-wrote score with Rob Patterson. See full summary, cast and crew here.

A&E Biography: Marilyn Manson [First aired October 7, 2010]
Interview with Marilyn Manson and friends, family, acquaintances

Some Kind of Monster [Premiered 07.09.04 - Radical Media]
Jeordie's auditon to replace Metallica bassist Jason Newsted is caught briefly on film in this documentary which chronicles the making of Metallica's "St. Anger" album.

The Jay Leno Show [First aired 03.15.04]
A Perfect Circle performance of "The Outsider"

Much Music (Canada) [First aired September 2003]
Interview with A Perfect Circle - Jeordie, Josh Freese, Billy Howerdel, James Iha

MTV Cribs - Ozzfest Edition [First aired July 2001]
Jeordie takes MTV on a tour of his West Hollywood home

American Music Awards [First aired 01.08.01]
Marilyn Manson performance of "Disposable Teens"

MTV New Year's Eve [First aired 12.31.00/01.01.01]
Marilyn Manson performance of "Disposable Teens", "Surrender" (Cheap Trick cover)

MTV Diary - Marilyn Manson [First aired November 2000]

MTV European Video Music Awards [First aired 11.11.99]
Marilyn Manson performance of "Rock Is Dead"

MTV Video Music Awards [First aired 09.10.98]
Marilyn Manson performance of "The Dope Show"

MTV Video Music Awards [First aired 09.04.97]
Marilyn Manson performance of "The Beautiful People"

Lost Highway [Premiered 02.28.97 - October Films]
Cameo role as "Porn Star #2"

MTV 120 Minutes [First aired 04.14.96]
Marilyn Manson interview (Manson, Jeordie, Pogo)

The Jon Stewart Show [First aired 06.22.95]
Marilyn Manson performance of "Lunch Box" and "Dope Hat"

The Phil Donohue Show [First aired February 1995]
Interview with Marilyn Manson (Manson, Jeordie, Pogo) and various others on the topic of moshing and violence

MTV Headbangers Ball Brazil [First aired 1995 (date unknown)]
Marilyn Manson interview (Jeordie, Manson)

MTV Headbangers Ball [First aired 1995 (date unknown)]
Marilyn Manson interview (Jeordie, Manson)

Home Videos | Dvd's

Marilyn Manson: Guns, God & Government Live in LA [Blu Ray] [11.17.09 - Eagle Rock Entertainment]
Final night of 2001 tour recorded at the Olympic Auditorium on October 8, 2001. Also includes "The Death Parade", a 30 minute film directed by Marilyn Manson documenting the band's world tour with behind the scenes footage.

Nine Inch Nails: Beside You In Time [02.27.07 - Interscope]
Live performance footage filmed during NIN's 2006 World Tour.

Various Artists: Backstage Pass 3 [04.26.05 - Woodhaven Entertainment]
"Intimate accounts of backstage debauchery by the rock stars themselves"; contains 5 minute (approx.) interview with Jeordie talking about the "meat and greet" incident while with Marilyn Manson.

A Perfect Circle: aMOTION [11.16.04 - Virgin]
Backstage footage from the Thirteeth Step World Tour, "The Noose" performed live, photo gallery.

Marilyn Manson: Guns, God and Government World Tour (10.29.02 - Eagle Rock Entertainment]
Performance and backstage footage from the 2000/2001 tour in support of Holy Wood.

S.O.D.: Kill Yourself - The Movie [11.13.00 - Nuclear Blast America]
Jeordie makes a guest appearance on this video which contains footage from S.O.D.'s "Bigger Than The Devil" tour.

Marilyn Manson: Demystifying the Devil [10.17.00 - Ventura Distribution]
Unauthorized documentary tracing Marilyn Manson's rise to fame. Features footage from the Spooky Kids days as well as performances by Mrs. Scabtree and exclusive home video footage.

Marilyn Manson: God is in the TV [11.02.99 - Interscope]
Performance and backstage footage from Mechanical Animals/Rock Is Dead World Tour 1998-1999; Contains music videos from "Get Your Gunn" through "Coma White". [Available in VHS format only.].

Marilyn Manson: Dead to the World [02.10.98 - Interscope]
Performance and backstage footage froom the Antichrist Superstar Tour 1996-1997. [Available in VHS format only]

Pantera: Watch It Go! [1997 - Wea Des Moines Video]
Footage of Pantera on tour, including clips of Jeordie and Manson hanging out backstage. [Available used and in VHS format only]

Nine Inch Nails: Closure (12.02.97 - Lions Gate)
Guest appearance. [Available used and in VHS format only]

Awards | Nominations

Fantasmagorical Film Festival 2015
Honorable Mention Soundtrack - Massacre; full list of winners here

Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards [February 2001]
Nominated for "Best Bassist, Male" category alongside Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Adam Clayton (U2), Colin Greenwood (Radiohead) and Sting.

Slammie Awards [06.25.92]
Best Rhythm Guitarist (Amboog-A-Lard, for a total of 5 wins - Best Local Release, Song of the Year ("Overthrown"), Best Drummer, Best Lead Guitarist.


Skew Siskin: Album of the Year [November 2003 - Morongo]
Credit: Photography. Photo taken by Jeordie appears on page 16 of booklet accompanying the album.

Queens of the Stone Age: Songs for the Deaf [08.27.02 - Interscope]
Credit: Jeordie is the voice of DJ Tom Sherman between Track Nos. 10 ("Do It Again") and 11 ("God is in the Radio").

S.O.D.: Bigger than the Devil [05.25.99 - Nuclear Blast]
Credit: Conceptual credit for album cover artwork.