FAN Q&A #4 - 05.03.07

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From Anais Morr: Hi Jeordie! First off, thank you so much in taking the time in responding to our questions. Very cool of you to do. There have been various things written about your childhood on the web. Did you grow up around music? Is it true that your mum used to have connections with The Ramones? And how did you end up meeting Barry Gibb when you were just a lad?

My mother was a go-go dancer(groupie) for the Kinks and Mountain. She claims to have brought the dance "The Jerk" to London. I think she also might have danced for Chubby Checker, not sure about that one. My aunt GiGi was friends with The Ramones and The Bee Gees. She introduced me to Barry Gibb. Aunt GiGi was one of the main reasons I gained any interest in music.

From Anais Morr: Leading up to your departure from Marilyn Manson, were there a series of events that culminated which influenced your decision to leave or did you just want to part ways to create music with other musicians?

I basically just fell out of love with playing in Marilyn Manson (the band) and the process of making the music. Nothing really changed in the band except me. I started to grow in a different direction and began to play with other musicians to fill that hole. My absence forced MM to replace me with someone that was more productive for them than I was at that time. It would be interesting to see what kind of work we could do today.

From Anais Morr: Looking back, any crazy antics you regret doing while you were in Manson?

No regrets!

From Anais Morr: I saw NIN three times while I was in the UK last month and seeing NIN live three nights in a row knocked me on my ass! How the hell do you guys do it night after night putting so much into your shows?

I have no idea

From Anais Morr: What led you to work with Manson? I believe you were in Amboog A Lard at the time. How did your band-mates feel at the time when you started to work with Brian Warner (cough), I mean Marilyn Manson? (By the way, I think it's so cool that you are still friends with the guys in Amboog A Lard.).

They were pissed!! But it was the best decision I ever made.

From Jake Robinson: Do you have any musical degrees, for example music theory or musical performance?

Fuck no.

From JFergODU: I know you are probably sick to death of all the questions about your former band and all, but I've been wondering about this for the past month. Seeing the direction Marilyn Manson the "band" has gone in since you have left, and hearing the new tracks from "Eat Me, Drink Me" that are out now, are you glad about your decision to get out when you did? And do you and Trent sit back and laugh at this new album?

I haven't heard it yet. But be nice. I think he�s doing just fine without me. Joining MM was the best thing that ever happened to me. But so was leaving.

From Sam: Do you know Brian Eno's Work? Do you like it? Is it one of your influences? Thanks

I love it.

From Jared: Jeordie, I want to start off by saying that I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I am really inspired by the way you play bass that I have been wanting to start playing as well (I have played guitar for many years). What kind/brand of bass would you suggest for a beginner?

Get a Fender P-Bass.

From Kevin Spearing: What excites you more. Spiderman 3 or the upcoming Batman Sequel?


From murderjunkie97: What do you think of GG Allin?

I don't really give applause to him.

From Annabel: What's the best thing about being in Nine Inch Nails?

Being able to be next to Ally everyday, always.

From downintheparkx13: Hello, I was wondering if you think it's ever too late to start with music. I am 19 and would really like to make a life out of it, but I feel as if I'm too old to start. I always get these riffs or beats in my head that I feel I have no way of getting these noises out. I was given an electric guitar when I was younger, but I never had any inspiration because I was trapped with nothing more than church music. Also, should a person start out on guitar and then move on to bass or bass then guitar?

I would start with guitar first. The bass will be easy to pick up later. I don't think you are too old to start -- go for it, man! Do Stuff!

From Lysann: You might have heard there have been a lot of band reunions and rumors about reunions. Which band would you like to see playing again?

Jeordie: A Pink Floyd tour with Roger Waters would be KING!

From Lysann: What was the first concert you went to?

ZZTOP or KC and the Sunshine Band, not sure.

From twiggy_manson666: Excuse me for asking you this question, but which is the time you cried the most?

Prolly when I was born.

From Joseph: How do you feel about your place in Dave Navarro's book?

Blame it on the 90s and drugs. Keep your nose clean, kids.

From Joseph: A lot of people have said that you stole your charming way of talking (particularly in MTV Cribs) from Tom Green, what is your response to this?

I have heard that before. Not on purpose. He is pretty funny.

From Joseph: One of the things people find so alluring about you is how you can come across as this invincible god of deathgoth in one video, & then this lovely guy jumping around dancing to Journey in another. Such depth is mysterious to us. What are your thoughts on that?

Steve Perry Rocks.

From Joseph: Does the lead guitar at the start of 'Fade to Black' make you feel kinda like your sitting on the hood of a car at night in a vast field under a vast sky of stars in an infinite universe & everything is right?

Fuck Yeah!

From Julia: Jeordie, what do your fans mean to you? Especially those of us who have supported you since they were in the single digits.

Well, I don't know if they were ever in the single digits. I'm sure I started out with at least 10. Haha.

From Holly: Did you grow up following any sort of religion? Do you now?

No my mother never pressed religion on me. Now, I read about a lot of them. They all make some sense in some ways. I guess it depends what part of the earth you were born on.

From Curara: The Goon Moon videos are really great and original, fans seem to enjoy this way of exploring your music. I was wondering if you have any plans to make a professional video in the future - with a lot of money involved, a director and all that shit, to maybe get it showed later on so-called MusicTeleVision station? Or are you just planning to keep them a homemade production, put it on YouTube and see where it gets you? Is all-controlling Miss Moth still gonna keep Goon Moon away from going that way? Do you even know what way this is going?

I hope we can make a professional one soon. I'm not sure where all this is going to take me yet. Hopefully to the Moon.

From Ashley: What were you doing when you heard about the Sept 11 attacks?

Sleeping. My friend George (see MTV Cribs) called and woke me up told me that "They finally did it, they finally did it! Turn on your TV!".

From Alyssa: Hey Jeordie. What do you find more challenging - creating your own material or perfecting material from other demanding musicians such as Maynard and Trent?

They are both challenging in their own ways. Creating music is always the most rewarding.

From Sierra Ortiz Carlos: In "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell", Manson mentions that you seemed at some point more interested in being a part of NIN than you did in Marilyn Manson. Now, 10 years later you are a full time member of NIN, and you really fit in that band. Do you see any possibility to get involved in the songwriting process for NIN in the future?

That's interesting how that all worked out. I would love to be involved in the song writing process with NIN. TR and I did some great work together on ACSS. I think he does a great job on his own.

From Karen Nutt: I own 6 dresses you wore in Marilyn Manson: the "Sweet Dreams" video dress, the "Tourniquet" dress you wore when you're spinning around in the video, a purple "Mechanical Aimals" dress you wore on stage in 1998, the gold "Dope Show" video dress, a brown Alexander McQueen dress and a black and grey patchwork dress with red stripes you wore on stage in 2001. I was wondering if you ever had a favorite dress and do you still sometimes put one on?

Attention to detail!!!