FAN Q&A #3 - 04.30.07

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From Kashfia: What's your favourite ice cream flavour?


From hardcorecor: My husband, who is your age, is a struggling musician. Can you offer him any words of inspiration?

Just do what makes you happy and success should follow.

From Holly: Do you still have that car (Camaro?) in your backyard that doesn't run?

It was a Trans Am. No, I sold it.

From Holly: What's the worst part of being a musician?

Money for nothing and the chicks are free.

From Kayla: Are you and Marilyn Manson on good terms now, or is he still being a prick?

I'm the "Prick".

From Sandra: Since you're a New Jersey native, I would like to ask your city of birth.

I was born in Chillton Hospital. The same hospital as Billy Howerdel.

From borislava: Hi! It's nice of you taking time to pay attention to your fans! I watched "Some Kind of Monster" only a week ago and I was wondering if you really wanted to be a part of Metallica or it was just like "Let's try my luck"? Actually you don't seem to be disappointed by not playing with them. And if I have to be honest, I think you fit almost perfectly in Nine Inch Nails.

I just wanted to play with them a few times to satisfy my inner child.

From Sarah: Is there any song or whatever, let's call it "piece of art", you're especially proud of? Why?

I have a song called "I Know Where You Live" in my personal vaults.

From Sarah: How are you getting on with the other guys of NIN, APC and GM? Are they more bandmates or good friends to you?

I get along with pretty much everybody.

From Stacey: How did the connection with Goon Moon and Ipecac Records come about? You're in some good company on that label. Did you have to kiss Mike Patton's arse profusely?

A friend of mine was working for Gnarls Barkley, who was touring with Peeping Tom. He gave Mike Patton a copy of my demo to check out. A few days later I got a call from Mike's partner Greg. Greg had told me that Mike couldn't stop listening to it and expressed interest in releasing it. At the time, I wasn't really ready to put the Goon Moon Record out. The fact that they were so excited about it gave me the confidence to finish the record so you guys could hear it.

From Omar: In an episode of "Cribs", Manson says that you solo. And in an interview in 1998 you said you can't. Can you solo? Because you played fast in the Amboog.A.Lard era .

I have always been a rhythm guitar player. I can "solo", just not in an 80's "shredding" way.

From Mari : It seems that The Beatles has influenced on you .So how did you feel when you heard their music for the first time?

My aunt GiGi used to play their songs on acoustic guitar when I was baby. It must have traumatized me.

From twignig: Back in the 80's, who was better? Prince or Michael Jackson?

Orange Juice Jones.

From Carolynn: Hi. I recently viewed "Sleep With A Gun" on I have to say that I almost cried. You have a great voice, very soothing. I guess this is a personal question, so of course, if you don't want to answer you don't have to. I was wondering if that whole thing about drying up and changing your name in the song had anything to do with being Twiggy Ramirez? If so, are you glad to be yourself (name wise) again?

Very good . That's part of it.

From twignig: What are your favorite cookie-cutter shapes?

Christmas tree.

From twignig: Do you know how to cook?

Yes, and I'm very good at it.

From lizardking: Can you spill the beans and tell us if NIN will be doing any dates in the U.S. this year?

As far as I know nothing is scheduled. But things could change.

From Elektra Red: We have the same birthday, and since I will be turning 21 and would like to partake of/buy (you) some libations, what is your favorite drink?

Coke Zero. The drink of NIN.

From ashley pallini: What do you think is the most important emotion, and why?

Lust, because it got all of us on this planet.

From The Ubermensch: It's time for the obligatory "will Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson ever get off their high-horses and work together again" question and your obligatory negative answer.

I don't think there's any "high horses" involved. There really is no point to that anymore on both "sides" is there????? What for?? Why???

From Skanky Spice: What's your favorite of any newer artists out there, pending you can weed your way through all the crap?

There's a lot of GREAT music out there. Just leave the television and the radio off.

From sharkdiver: What gave you the idea to start creating all these videos we've been seeing recently on youtube?

I have a lot of music to share. I thought the best thing to do was to release it on my own terms for free. It costs me nothing, it costs you nothing.

From yvaine: Are you continuing your "no no, yes yes" dance lessons with Mr. Troy Van Leeuwen?


From Foofarella: How do you feel when Aaron jumps off Alessandro's keyboards and goes flying thru the air like Eddy Gordo from Tekken when someone doesn't know how to do combos and they're just hitting the buttons randomly?


From teme_131: Are you still friends with Ginger and Pogo?

I would be if I ever saw either of them.