FAN Q&A #2 - 04.28.07

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From Sonia Where would you say your style of music is moving toward?:

I think "Folk". When "they" shut the lights out, all that will be left will be the acoustic guitar.

From Sonia: Are you influenced by Native American music? Or International music? What types are you exploring right now? Can you recommend some recordings?

No, but I'm willing to learn. Check out The Langley Schools Music Project. It's pretty amazing.

From Lotsastars: How did you meet Chris Goss? What do you think makes him the awesome producer that he is?

I met Chris through Josh (QOTSA). I think what makes Chris a great producer is his lack of ego and his love for music. He's a great good luck charm to have around. He's a wonderful person with a huge heart.

From lotsastars: Will there be another Desert Sessions?

I sure hope so but that's not really a question for me.

From Gpavuk1: What's your all time favorite video game?

Adventure on the Atari 2600.

From smells-like_children: What would be your perfect gift from a fan?


From Holly: What do you spend most of your free time doing?

Answering these questions.

From Holly: Do you have any pets?

Two cats - Jack and Sadie.

From Holly: Do you like to read and if so what?

The last book I read that I really liked was "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

From twignig: Do you ever get the feeling when you're just about to fall asleep that you're falling off your bed but when you open your eyes you realize you haven't moved at all? I hate when that happens.

Yeah, Night Terrors. Watch out.

From Carla: Over the years you've played and been involved with a variety of different bands and projects all of which have turned out great. But would you ever like to just settle down 'permanently' with one band and devote all your time and attention to that one project or do you just love the idea of going from band to band playing different things?

Well, I played with only one band for over 10 years. I don't plan on "settling down" anytime soon. I think you should make music with as many people as you can. There's no reason to put limitations on your creativity.

From Carla: Was there ever a point in your career where you perhaps wanted to stop playing music for a living and pursue another profession?

I would never want to stop playing or creating music.

From Carla: I know APC is on indefinite hiatus, but if given the opportunity again, would you go back to playing with that group of people or is it something you enjoyed for a while but have moved on from?

Well, if time permitted, I would do APC in a second, but for now I'm 100 percent devoted to NIN and Goon Moon.

From Jonathan Borden: How was 'The Dope Show' written? Can you explain the process behind just that song?

We were ripping off "Nightclubbing" by Iggy Pop meets Oasis/T-Rex.

From Jonathan Borden: How did you 'do' your trademark hair when involved with Marilyn Manson? Dreads? Braids? Hairspray? Gel?

I just stopped washing and brushing my hair forever. Elmer's glue works too!

From Infection: If you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

My father.

From roseandtwiggs: Have you ever been to Montana? If so what did you think of it?

I went to Montana once when I was a kid. I loved it.

From roseandtwiggs: Stupid question (but also advice). If you had a friend who was saying shit about you, would you still be their friend or not? Or what would you do?

Everybody talks shit. My only advice is to not be that person. If someone wants to talk shit about you that's their issue not yours. Just be good person and treat people they way you would want to be treated. I'm sure he or she doesn't mean it. They are probably insecure about something.

From Candis: What is the one album you cannot live without?

Dark side of the Goon Moon.

From Candis: What is your favourite Metallica album and member?

"Master of Puppets." CLIFF BURTON. Maybe you've heard of him. You might wanna check him out.

From Candis: Have you ever received something from a fan that you still have?

A Barry Gibb lunchbox.

From twignig: Have you been playing the Wii? Whaddya think? I got sore from playing Wii Sports tennis. Bowling is pretty cool though.

I loved Zelda. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

From twignig: Which would you prefer: having night vision or x-ray vision? Muchas gracias.


From Agnes: Goon Moon. What exactly do you wanna tell people co-creating such project? What is the main point of it? Videos seem to be some kind of davidlynchy. I mean, with some hidden conclusions, funny but thought-provoking, so any psychoanalitycal connections? Please explain in short the whole idea of Goon Moon.

Wow, best question yet. You seem to pretty much get it already. Miss Moth has all the answers.

From Agnes: Have you ever considered playing at least a few shows again with Marilyn Manson? What your relations look like, are you still friends, good friends, just mates, etc.?

I would under the right circumstances. I wouldn't call us enemies. We are friendly just not friends.

From Agnes: Goon Moon. Miss Moth is really interesting. Whose voice is this? Who's been creating the Miss Moth tracks?

Miss Moth created everything, including you. She is the life giver and taker.

From Agnes: Goon Moon. Who is the main lyricist in GoonMoon? What is the main inspiration?

It's all Chris and I some I write, some he writes, some we write together. I pull from my experiences, my resources.

From Agnes: Simply. Do you currently have a girlfriend, a beloved partner?

Yes I do.

From Agnes: Which part of Los Angeles do you like most? Where do you like to spend your free time?

I love being at home.

From Agnes: Sadie & Jack. Your cats seem to start becoming famous by Goon Moon. Describe them, their characters, what you love most about them & what kind of inspiration do they give you (if any)

My cats are the "Quantum 3".

From Olivia: Who was a better bounty hunter, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, or IG-88?

Boba Fett.