Album Review: Goon Moon - Licker's Last Leg
by Konstantina Peyou

It is inevitable to start this review without dwelling on the members of this band. We have Jeordie White (better known as Twiggy Ramirez from MARILYN MANSON and former bass player of NINE INCH NAILS, Chris Goss from MASTERS OF REALITY and producer of KYUSS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, all of them under the label of Mike Patton, the lead singer of FAITH NO MORE. If these guys don’t compose a hell of an explosive cocktail, I don’t know who else is more appropriate for the job! “Licker’s Last Leg” is their second album with lots of guest musicians like Zach Hill from HELLA, Josh Freeze from NINE INCH NAILS and A PERFECT CIRCLE, Whitey Kirst from IGGY POP and quite a few others. Of course, after reading this parade of names you would be out of your minds to expect to listen to an “ordinary” album. Making my work here difficult “Licker’s last leg” is as crazy as its title sounds! As a characteristic sample I should only mention the opening track, “Apple pie” with lyrics like “bake the children in the pies” and a mixture of obscure electric sounds and a weird boy Christmas’ choir. The rest of the songs keep to this eccentric musical path and a must-mention track is the “Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You” which is a Bee Gees cover! Distorted guitar leads, sleazy grooves, experimental electric rythyms and pure rock ‘n’ roll is only a few of the elements of this album. Recommended to the fans of the aforementioned bands and to those who like to experiment!