Album Review: Goon Moon - Licker's Last Leg
by Jo-Anne Green

Chris Goss and Jeordie White, the duo that is Goon Moon, both proved their rock credentials years ago, the former for his production work and as a member of Masters of Reality, the latter as Marilyn Manson's Twiggy. If there were any doubters left, Licker's Last Leg should bury them for good, as the Goonies, across a dozen eclectic tracks, prove themselves the masters of all things rock. On the epic-length "The Golden Ball," they showcase virtually the entire rock spectrum, from psychedelic to folk, hard rock, metal, prog rock, jazz fusion, pomp rock, and more, an entire master class in a song. However, they slyly slide subgenres into each other, as on the opening "Apple Pie," which begins in a racket of scratchy strings, slips into goth, then slithers into unadulterated glam sheer brilliance, that. But it's soon obvious that these two are comfortable in any genre you throw at them, from the blues-laced hard rock of the late-'60s that fires "An Autumn That Came Too Soon" to the angular post-punk rhythms that later "Tip Toe" across the set. From the Stonesy R&B-fueled "Balloon?" to the poppy psychedelic-laced "Lay Down," the album is infested with strong melodies and catchy choruses. And whether you prefer your rock down and dirty like "Hardcore Q3" or sweetened up by swirling atmospheres and lovely vocals like their Beatlesque-with-a-twist cover of the Bee Gees, "Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You," Goon Moon serve it up here. An inspired set, with a slew of singles-to-be within, and enough twists and stylistic turns to keep you guessing until the final note rings out.