[Translated by enigmata and shadowmantis]

Before we start, who am I interviewing? Jeordie White or Twiggy Ramirez?

Just use my real name, Jeordie. I stopped using ĎTwiggyí when I joined A Perfect Circle. It seemed fitting to use my real name, just like the other members.

Do you have a problem with people calling you Twiggy? Or do you not care? You had that name, after all, for 10 years, when you were in Marilyn Manson.

Oh, I really donít care. Manson is a part of my past, and a name that I had in it (for 10 years), is a part of it too. I donít mind people calling me Twiggy Ramirez.

How did you get into A Perfect Circle?

Iíve been friends with Billy Howerdel for a while, and I met Josh, the drummer, at a party. He told me they needed a bass player, and there I was. It just clicked.

Did it take some getting used to a new band, after being in a different one for 10 years?

Yes and no. In a way itís very different, but I felt like I needed something Ďnewí after 10 years. All big bands split after 10 years. This was obvious in Manson. Everything is more professional in APC. By that I donít mean APC is 'better', but that everyone comes from a big band and thereís more experience. In Manson we just did our thing, everything was planned, or youíve done it before.

Maynard doesnít like being in the spotlights, on or off stage. Whatís it like back-stage?

Heís a good guy, he doesnít want people to pay too much attention to him, but to the music. He thinks itís more important. But he likes being mysterious too, heís a little like that, I guess.

Something different now, your CD leaked on the internet. I take it youíre not happy with that?

Not exactly, no. But on the other side, itís inevitable. CDís leak sooner or later. Too bad that the CD appeared online so early, but on the other side , itís a good chance for people to experience a different kind of music.

So what about sharing music in general, do you think thatís bad?

I do think itís bad, because piracy costs a lot of money. If you donít sell CDís you donít make money, and that kills a band fast. It has two sides actually. On one side thereís a musician, but also a listener, and they canít exist without each other. I download my songs through Apple-store, iTunes, and I can imagine people just download stuff because itís there. Free or not free.

What do you think about the CD protection? Iíve heard people complaining about not being able to put it on minidisc or play it in the car.

Ah, itís a bummer for them, but I understand the labels. We were a kind of test bunnies for the new technology. I found out about PC-protection after they gave me the CD. It doesnít bother me, I donít even notice it. I found out that my old CDís were also protected, only after they told me about ours.

But, how much influence did you have on the new album? Maynard and Billy already had stuff done.

I got a chance to add little touches to a lot of songs. Some songs were done, some only a part and others were only on paper. Thatís why I could work on bass lines, because thatís what I was going to play.

And what do you think about the general influence you have? Is it more or less than with Manson?

Manson and I developed with the band through years, we grew and worked hard. Itís hard to tell where Iíve had more control over the music. Iíve always had it.

Letís talk about the songs. What do you think is the meaning of the song 'Pet'?

Thatís for the listener to figure out. I can give you my opinion of the song, but thatís pointless. The person that is listening to the song has to form an opinion, I donít want to give him a fabricated opinion.

And a personal question; What is your relationship with Jessick Fodera, if there is any?

Oh, I havenít seen her in twelve years, so you canít really talk about it.

And Madonnaís niece, do you see her sometimes?

Madonnaís niece? Doesnít ring a bell. But now that you mention it, it rings a bell. But I donít remember anything.

And finally, if you got a chance to be a singer of APC or your own band, would you do it?

Oh, yes! Iím planning to release my own album this summer. Most songs are already on paper. But I donít know what style it will be in, I still have to think about that. Anything can happen. Iím not really a bass player, Iíve started out as a guitarist and Iíd like to go back to doing that. If I got the chance, Iíd do it.