Note: This is an excerpt from an article on Iron Maiden, where Twiggy was one of several industry-types to name and comment on his or her 3 favorite Iron Maiden albums

Twiggy Ramirez
Bassist, Marilyn Manson

1. Killers
I found myself grotesquely attracted to this album cover. The first time I laid eyes on it, I experienced the same sensation as with my father's Playboys tucked under my parents' mattress. The feminine posture of the rotting mascot made me question my own sexuality as a young teen.

2. Number of the Beast
This album defines Iron Maiden for me -- actually, it defines all of Heavy Metal. This release recruited many innocent children into "earthdogs, hellrats, and rivetheads." The album cover alone scared the bejezzus out of me, with lost souls burning in hell with "Eddie" as the master of puppets to the good ol' devil. If you don't own this record, put this magazine down now and go and do your homework.

3. Piece of Mind
When I saw the "World Piece Tour," Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Steve Harris kicked the crap put of a ten foot skeleton in a straight jacket. Bruce Dickinson opened its skull and pulled out a rubber brain way before Hannibal Lector ever did. I wore out all of my record needles playing "Still Life" backwards, "Revelations" encouraged me to actually read the Bible, and "The Flight of Icarus" made me pay a little more attention to my mythology lesson in school. I always loved that Iron Maiden delivered the metal and gave you a lesson in literature.