[transcribed by The Blood Countess]

MM-Marilyn Manson
TR-Twiggy Ramirez
WB-The Whipping Boy

[over the tune of Nirvana song, WB is saying "Okay, here are the rules, no f word, no s word, no p word......" etc. To this, Manson said something to the extent of "aw, f*** man," and WB laughs as song ends. This part was from memory but I think that this is what happened] (Song ends)

WB: (laughing) Luckily that was really loud so, don't, don't, don't do it. New 92.3 K-Rock. Guess what I got in the studio? We didn't even like, promo this, I was very excited about this. Uh, Marilyn Manson in the studio, Twiggy in the studio. The band's in the studio!

MM: How's it going

WB: So say hello.

MM: How're you doing?

WB: Marilyn, are you like, living in New York? Because I've seen you on a couple of times now.

MM: No, I've just been up here a couple of times, now.

WB: And Twiggy, how come I never see you out? Are you like anti-social or....?

TR: ...yeah

WB: (laughs)

MM: He was actually -- last, last time I came up here, he was staying at um, Ray Sawyer's house. The guy um, from Doctor Hook with the eye patch.

WB: Ah...yeah, yeah.

TR: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show.

WB: Really, "Cover of Rolling Stone" and all that, yeah.

MM: Those guys are friends.

WB: Really?

MM: Yeah

WB: Very cool

MM: Ray Sawyer invented uh, cocaine.

TR: Yeah he did.

MM: I don't know if anybody knows that.

WB: Aw, no c'mon.

MM: He did!

WB: Really? How d-no, c'mon. I thought Freud was using cocaine back in the late 19th century.

MM: Well, Ray Sawyer popularized it.

WB: Oh I see, okay. He brought it into the mainstream.

MM: Yeah, and that song. Can you, do you have Dr. Hook you could play?

WB: I don't know, I could look.

MM: 'Cause in that song, "Cover of Rolling Stone," which was a top 40 hit,

WB: Oh yeah

MM: It's very offensive because he talks about drug usage, and sex with underage girls.

WB: My mother really loved that song for some reason. She used to go around singing it. She said she could've wrote that song if she would've been given the chance. But, she was an oppressed female. Like you really care about my mother huh?

MM: (laughs)

WB: (laughs) Yeah, this is interesting. Okay, uh, what's the uh, tell me about Trent Reznor and stuff. Are you like, buds with him and all that crap or..

MM: Um, yeah, we're working on a new album with him. And um (headphones are making howling noises) sorry, I'm making a little noise here.

WB: It's okay yea yea.

MM: He likes to sometimes uh, we get, we're in the studio we get dressed up, and we wear a lot of wigs and uh....

WB: Cool

MM: He grew a mustache last week. A lot of his fans would be surprised to see him with a mustache.

WB: Does he look right with it on? I mean..

MM: He looks a little like Freddy Mercury.

WB: Does he? Good.

MM: And uh, but he's doing all right. He um, he likes to get um, strip danc- male strip dancers to come into the studios too, which we're not really interested in.

WB: To like, break down the inhibitions and stuff?

MM: Yeah just..

WB: Yeah, very cool. What's this deal with him like beating the hell out of his guitar player and so the guy's quit the band? Do you know anything about that?

MM: Oh, he joined the circus.

TR: No, he joined the circus.

WB: He joined the circus?

TR: Yeah...

MM: I almost got got arrested in um, Miami for having oral sex that same guy onstage.

WB: Ahhh....

MM: In front of my parents.

WB: You know, I was gonna ask you, your parents ever seen you play and I remembered that story. Oh my god, were actually orally copulating him or was it just more uh, simulated?

TR: Well, fellatio.

WB: (laughs) Okay

MM: No, there's was nothing simulated. I um, I'm too embarrassed to go into it now.

WB: Ah, what the hell you know?

MM: Um...trying to think of - yeah, so nah, he joined the circus.

WB: He really joined? You're not pulling my leg, so to speak? He really joined the circus.

MM: He joined though, yeah.

WB: To do what?

MM: Cirque du Soleil.

TR: Cirque du Soleil.

WB: Really? That's that um, what the hell one is that? It's uh, it's a different kind of-

MM: Sort of art- WB Yeah.

TR: Arty-

MM: Sissy sort of, French thing.

WB: And like, what's he gonna do in it?

TR: Um, he plays guitar in uh, a bubble and there's a 12 years old girl that sings.

WB: (snickers) Yeah, okay, I'm getting screwed here. These guys are totally toying with my head-

MM: No, no we're not making that up!

WB: You guys are toying with my head!

TR: This stuff is for real! (giggles)

WB: (laughs)

MM: That's the realist thing we've told you.

WB: You were talking about wigs and I was getting my hair done the other day, not to bring up my life but,

MM: (laughs)

WB: It was a very um, it was in Greenwich village and a very flamboyant wig making, hair salon.

MM: Uh-huh.

WB: And they were like..they were kinda capping on you guys. They were like "Aw, Marilyn Manson, they're just ripping off the Voluptuous Whore of Karen Black."

MM: Awph.

TR: Have you seen um, Billy Corgan's new look?

WB: Uh uh.

TR: He has the, he has the Quiet Riot mask. He comes onstage now.

WB: No.

TR: You know what I'm talking about?

WB: No.

TR: From Mental Health, that silver mask that Kevin DuBrow throws out?

WB: Uh-huh, okay yeah yeah.

TR: Well, I caught that and I gave to him as a gift. And he's been wearing it onstage lately. He looks....

WB: Very cool. See you've avoided my Voluptuous Whore of Karen Black.

MM: Oh, Karen Black.

WB: C'mon tear up these drag queens! They were like capping on you guys you know.

MM: No, no I like drag queens, but I think that girl - wasn't?- yeah, I think that uh, she had given oral sex to someone in the band at one point.

WB: Really?

MM: Yeah

WB: So she appreciates your band at least.

MM: Yeah. I don't know if it was our band

WB: (laughs)

MM: But I remember seeing her backstage at one point. I think uh, Lifto from the Jim Rose Circus,

WB: Uh-huh

MM: They were getting close.

WB: Really, well you know, I - Lifto would be an interesting person to have sex with you know, apparently with the you know stretching and everything like,

MM: (laughs)

TR: No but there's-

WB: Swinging around the room like a spaghetti string you know.

TR: I like the guitar player of that band, that

MM: Oh that guy, that-

TR: Oriental-

MM: The Asian guy-

TR: The Asian guy.

WB: Oh yeah. But at least you appreciate them and like, you know- MM and

TR: Oh yeah

WB: 'Cause I saw you kinda go phfff.

MM: Yeah, I gave, I gave her a Hooters t-shirt.

WB: Really?

TR: No, they're cool. She wears it proudly instead of...

WB: You guys are from Florida. Isn't that like the land of Hooters, anyway? Like the restaurants and things like that?

MM: Yeah, I think so. I mean, I don't go there; I just happened to find the shirt and uh, I thought she would probably like it. B>WB: Hooters is like (laughs) kind of a fun place; you'd fit right in there though.

MM: I would.

WB: You know, I mean, they wouldn't even notice you guys and all.

MM: (laughs)

WB: Awhile back, there was of course, the big snowstorms in the east coast and uh, you guys got stuck in a hotel in Pennsylvania with the Orlando Magic?

MM: Yeah

WB: What, there was a wedding reception and the Orlando Magic and you guys in the same-

TR: Dave Wyndorff was there too.

WB: Pardon me?

TR: Dave Wyndorff

WB: Who the hell's Dave Wyndorf? I'm, I'm sorry.

MM: He plays in that band Monster Magnet.

WB: Oh! Okay. Sorry.

TR: He's the guitar player slashed singer.

MM: He was um...

TR: Not slashed, but slash singer.

MM: See at fir-, 'cause we first met him, 'cause he was staying in the same room as Shaquille O'Neil (sp?), I, I believe. This is all allegedly.

WB: Uh-huh

MM: I think that they were, they had some kind of weird..

WB: Doing some things?

MM: ...weird thing going on.

WB: (laughs)

MM: And then uh...then um...Shaquille O'Neil allegedly then at some point invited us up to his room, but we didn't..turned him down know, we felt-

TR: All I know is I-

MM: -his intentions were a little sketchy.

TR: I walked in the room-

WB: Yeahhh he's too big to get mad

TR: I walked in the room, and they were, they- I don't want to get into it. But, "Piece of Mind" was on the radio and Dave Wyndorf had this blonde wig on, and lipstick, and there was lipstick in his moustache,

WB: (laughs)

TR: smoking camel cigarettes-

WB: Are you serious?

TR: Yeah..

WB: See I can't believe, you guys, you live such a cool life, I think that, I'm like aw, c'mon they're just like, toying with me you know and..

MM: No.

WB: Really? And so, I read this guy, this John Concack (sp?), a big white guy, like seven feet tall.

MM: Uh hum..

WB: Um....was afraid of you guys. Wouldn't come up, he said that he would approach you guys or something. He was afraid of *you* guys.

MM: Who's this guy?

WB: He um, he plays for like the Magic, the big white, tall-

MM: Oh really?

WB: -basketball player guy, yeah.

MM: Yeah..

WB: You don't remember it?

MM: I don't know.

WB: Well, obviously if he was afraid and didn't approach you, he didn't approach you. That was sort of a stupid question.

TR: He's probably was afraid of our guitar player because he's ugly. WB and

MM: (laugh)

WB: So your parents have seen you guys play. What do they think? I mean they, they..your parents seen you guys play? Twiggy?

TR: Um...yeah, sure.

MM: His mom actually used to dance in a cage for the band Mountain.

TR: (snickers) My mom, Mountain, yeah.

WB: Mountain yeah, they were big, huh? Late sixties...

TR: And, she did the uh, not only did she dance in a cage naked for Mountain, but she did the, the jerk onstage with the Kinks.

WB: What the hell is the jerk? Is that like a dance, like, you know..?

TR: It's the..(demonstrating it I guess)

WB: Oh yea, the hands over like, kinda...oh, very cool. If this weren't on radio, you could actually see the dance. Probably shouldn't do it, 'cause they're like going "What the hell is he doing?"

TR: Actually, my father might probably be, actually one of the guys in Mountain, so...

WB: You never know. See, rock and roll is in your blood so to speak I guess, you know. I just-

MM: Yeah, my parents, they came out on tour for a week or so.

WB: Mmhm.

MM: My dad was, he was into it.

WB: What do your parents do?

MM: Um...

WB: What's their background?

MM: My dad runs a furniture store and my mom uh, gives enema to old people. She's a nurse's...

WB: Wanna hear a weird story?

MM: Yea.

WB: She's a home nurse?

MM: Yeah.

WB: I had this girlfriend, okay, that was a home nurse.

MM: Uh-huh.

WB: And there was this man in a wheelchair..and he had a rather large....part of his body, that, when she had to give him baths....

MM: Right.

WB: And so she...uh..basically, relieved him one day. (laughs)

MM: Wow!

WB: But she said her friend did it!

MM: Wow.

WB: And later on, after I broke up with her, actually she dumped me, she told me that they....anyway I just thought that'd be a...

MM: I don't know if my mom..

WB: I was kinda thinking of getting a home nurse because of that.

MM: I don't know if my mom had ever done that before.

WB: Yeah, I know. Yeah, your mom I'm sure..

MM: I remember, I asked my mom about it, but I remember her puttin', pins-

TR: What's that pile of white substance over there? WB and

MM: (laugh)

WB: Just a little lotion for my hands, okay? (laughs)

TR: the...the powdery substance on the....

WB: Oh, oh, I see what you're saying, oh.

TR: On the...

MM: This guy is a little crazy.

WB: (in distance) Right here..oh, I don't- (back at mic) This is what Howard paint women's breasts with just in case you guys are Howard Stern fans. You actually hold the wand here you know [I have no idea what this last sentence means].

MM: I was, when I was arrested once in Florida, for um, taking off my clothes, I was wearing these rubber underwear.

WB: Mmhm.

MM: And I gave, I gave the same pair that I was arrested in to Howard for his birthday.

WB: Yeah.

TR: You know that Tony Wiggins used to shoot bleach up?

WB: Why?

MM: Yeah, there's this guy Tony Wiggins-

WB: Yeah.

MM: -by the way, on our CD. Do you have the Smells Like Children EP?

WB: All we have is the single-

MM: All right.

WB: -believe it or not.

MM: Well, the folks out there who are listening who have that EP, Tony Wiggins, who uh, performs on the album- (headphones makes noises again)

TR: He's the angel of death.

MM: -he uh..sorry this is squeaking.

WB: Yeah, well you might as well take those damn things right off.

MM: He uh-

WB: They're driving me crazy too. (noises of headphones [I guess] being tossed off) Just throw them the heck away.

MM: We'll just throw it off.

WB: Okay good. Yeah, the hell with them.

MM: So Tony Wiggins-

WB: Yeah.

MM: -we got him to play on our record and we had this track of, that we uh, recorded of him on videotape where some girl was asking him to uh, beat her to death. And we were videotaping it and uh, then we had the audio of and we wanted to put that on our record but we weren't allowed. But Tony - and then um, Tony Wiggins um, this girl Cindy, who works at Interscope....

WB: Yeah.

MM: He tried to kill her; he um took her and he duct taped her up and had her in the back seat of his tour bus and he was drinking Yegermeister (sp?)...

WB: (laughs)

MM: Just...going for it all and was gonna kill everyone. And uh, so Interscope uh, had a restraining order put on him.

TR: He tried to cut us with a knife.

WB: Really..

MM: Yeah and he made us do drugs every day on tour with Danzig 'cause he was Danzig's tour driver but he didn't even drive their bus. He just um...

WB: He was just there.

MM: He cut us, and uh, see I have all these scars from Tony Wiggins.

WB: 'Kay now you're lying.

TR: He would take-

WB: (laughs) Now you're lying! Okay, I fin-I fin-I finally broke you guys down, way to go...

MM: I'm not lying!

TR: He would take feather roach clips and he'd wear them..

WB: They're pulling my ear....

TR: Those feather roach clips (?)-

WB: Yeah

TR: -that people hang in their...I'm sure, at least all the people who are listening to this right now driving around in their car have them hanging.

MM: The roach clips-

WB: Yeah (laughs) In their Cameros yeah.

MM: He'd put those on us.

WB: (laughs)

TR: Put those on us, yeah. On his face, and uh, put earrings....(mumbles)

WB: So...[can't make out what he says]-

MM: So this guy's on our record.

WB: Okay, go on, yeah.

MM: This guy is on our record-

WB: Damn, you've got to stop doing that to yourself.

MM: No, Tony Wiggins.

WB: Okay, sure.

MM: He's just...nothing but trouble that guy.

WB: Okay. This thing is still howling isn't it? (howling noises start up again)

MM: But I think, see the thing is...I-I see eventually Tony Wiggins becoming a Ted Bundy or someone of that nature.

WB: Well on his way apparently yeah.

MM: We have, we have um, made him uh, a legend on our CD so we're very happy that..if he does become famous for a life of crime we captured him on our album.

TR: Tony Wiggins uh...(howling noises start up again)

WB: .........I don't know what the hell they're doing. Go ahead.

TR: He was to us what Eddie was to Iron Maiden. You know the skeleton on the Iron Maiden album?

WB: (laughs) Not a big Iron Maiden fan; I never quite got it, man, I swear to God. I'm sorry! (laughs) He's laughing at me. Okay fine. So you guys like, you like the dark stuff obviously. There's a great book called "Answer Me" that has the 100 best suicides of all time.

MM: Yeah, I've seen-

WB: It has pictures and stuff. You've seen it?

MM: Yeah.

WB: 100 best serial killers...

MM: Yeah.

WB: You've checked this out huh?

MM: Yeah.

WB: It was my bible, it turned me like, really dark for like, six months. I was reading like, the whole compilation and stuff; had to stop reading it, it was making me just a little evil, thinking that I could get away with murder on people I actually hated.

MM: The most evil thing that I have done recently was uh...last week I hung out with Gwen from No Doubt.

WB: Huh?

MM: Yeah, she's real rough character.

WB: Did Adrian ever stick his tongue down your throat? 'Cause he wanted to, the drummer from No Doubt. He really, really wanted to that one night.

MM: He was trying his hardest but um....not my type.

WB: Yeah, he was grabbing my package here one night. I was just like, "Don't...don't do that now."

MM: Yeah.

WB: (laughs)

MM: In fact I'm gonna sue that band.

WB: Are ya? Sue the hell out of them yeah.

MM: 'Cause I wrote that song, "I'm Just a Girl."

WB: I know. Y'know, I thought that that had you written all over it. You know that? It just, it didn't seem like Gwen coming up with that-

MM: No.

WB: -you know that, hurt, female thing you know.

MM: Yeah..I'm not-

WB: Being repressed by the evil male and all that stuff.

MM: Yeah..

WB: Any bands you guys are really into right now? That you want to turn the listeners on to? Other than of course yourself?

MM: Other than Doctor Hook-

TR: -and the Medicine Show?

WB: And the Medicine Show, yeah.

MM: Um...well there's Monster Magnet.

WB: Really?

MM: I like them a lot. And there's uh...uh....who else is there?

TR: Um......

MM: Well we just hung out with Love and Rockets. I think their new record is really good.

WB: Yeah, are they still good?

MM: Yeah. I think they're better than ever.

WB: Yeah, I'm just so bummed. They just, you know, the wave hit and they missed it and they were so great.

TR: David Lash was wearing, when I saw him was wearing a Celtic Frost t-0shirt live.

WB: That's supposed to be Celtic Frost isn't it (pronounces c with a hard sound instead of a soft sound)? I've corrected Twiggy!

TR: Maybe, I mean...actually I think it's supposed to be Celtic (hard c sound) but I think-

WB: But you just said Celtic (soft c).

TR: -the band is called Celtic (soft c) probably.

WB: Really? God, I always must have mispronounced that band's name then.

TR: No, maybe it is Celtic (hard c).

WB: Well, I don't know.

MM: Not many people know that also Trent wears a, a toupee.

WB: (laughs)

TR: He's not bald; he just wears a toupee-

WB: He just wears a toupee because it's fun?

MM: Yeah, just over his hair.

WB: Just over his hair?

MM: Yeah.

WB: So he can short hair and then long hair.

MM: Yeah.

TR: Layers. So he can have layers of different styles.

WB: Does he have one of those, like uh, what do they call it, shlong haircuts? Like short and then back-

MM: A bi-lowed (?) one .

WB: Short and long yeah. Shlong; short-long.

MM: He...

TR: Well, right now he looks like he's got like a monkey's haircut.

WB: Does he?

TR: He's dying it gray.

WB: And he's got the..the mustache growing too, yeah! (laughing like crazy)

TR: (laughs)

WB: Alright, to hell with you guys! Okay, any misconceptions about the band? Now, there's none; I think that whatever you think about Marilyn Manson is true I think. Just that's, that's it.

MM: Yeah.

TR: We just did a interview today, for 120 Minutes-

WB: Mhmm.

TR: -and did you know who's hosting 120 Minutes now?

WB: Is it, Matt Pinfield?

MM: No it's Billy Corgan

TR: Billy Corgan.

WB: (laughs) I see, yeah! There you go, yeah! And it's all the same you know. Billy should've never shaved his head; he's not the guy to have really really short hair. He looks like uncle Fester now.

MM: Hm. I'm glad you said that.

WB: Really. Can you give the reason why?

MM: Um, no, see, we started at the bottom, you know, so all rumors, you know, there's nothing that could defame us. 'Cause it's all true, and it's all bad and.......there's no hope for any...

WB: Here, let's do, let's do..ah here. Got a razor blade, you wanna do an honorary cut on me or...?

MM: (laughs)

WB: I'm teasing them......NO DON'T!!! Alright you guys, thanks for coming by. I don't know if anything came out of this true. Believe nothing you've heard today kids.

MM: You wanna start all over at the beginning?

WB: Sure, let's just rewind tape here....

MM: So, the band started uh, six years ago.

WB: Uh huh.

MM: And the name, the name means...

WB: I didn't ask about the name, damn. Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't. I'm teasing you.

MM: No, I'm just (laughs)

WB: I'm totally teasing you. Don't don't don't do it! Okay.

MM: And then, our, our, new record um.....

WB: And, and, and things. When are you being in New York soon?

MM: We are working on a new album though, in all seriousness, right now. It was actually...this is hard to understand, I'll try to explain it to people...about a year ago, while we were on tour, we started experimenting with um, astroprojections through drugs and other torture means and things like that. And uh...while time-traveling into the future, I started um...discovering the songs that were gonna to be on this record.

WB: Mhmm.

MM: But I couldn't uh, figure out a way to get 'em down or explain it to anybody in the band and I eventually...I- [tape ran out and went to other side. argh...perfect timing, stupid tape player.....]

MM: [continued on other side of tape] -was addressed to me from myself.

WB: Mhmm.

MM: And I opened it up and I listened to it and it was a very rough uh, copy of the songs. So right now we're trying to re-record them. And a lot of the people in our band didn't understand so they left; and, it's just me and-

WB: It's just you two now.

MM: there's no drums, or guitars, it's just a, an album of just really loud distorted bass-

WB: -futuristic of course.

MM: And um..well...

WB: (laughs)

MM: No but it's about the past.

WB: This is like "12 Monkeys" man, you know. Did you ever see that movie? This is exactly the plot man!

MM: I-I think I'm gonna sue them too. Them, and No Doubt, and I'm gonna sue you.

WB: You know, I should be sued. I've have nothing really to, to get from you, just sue my ass. Just take whatever little bit I have; this one dollar ring I'm wearing.

TR: Lemme go into the future and sue myself.

MM: I think-

WB: That'd be cool. A ha...and get the money.

MM: Let's tell, let's..can we tell uh, everybody that uh, you wanna have an autograph session in the studio right now and everybody who's uh, listening can just come over right now?

WB: Sure. 600 Madison Avenue.

MM: Alright.

TR: Alright.

WB: It's uh. between 57th and 58th..(laughs) Don't bring your bikes into the uh, the lobby, of the uh...the security will have your ass. He chewed me up...

MM: Nobody needs our wait..hold on....

WB: Okay, 600 Madison. These guys are wearing blond wigs. Between 57th and 58th avenue, okay. Blond wigs, they're very, very blond, they're sexy. Marilyn Manson, thanks for coming by. Later dudes.

MM: Alright. Can we do that again? 'Cause....

WB: Yeah. Alright now, I'll speak to you guys. Go on. Get the hell out of here. Leave, leave!