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Monday, 09.19.11

[14:25] Nine pages of photos from last week's art exhibit can be found here.

Tuesday, 09.13.11

[20:12] Jeordie is keeping himself quite busy these days -- Marilyn Manson, Goon Moon, Mick Mars....and now, Los Angeles based White Widow have revealed via both their Twitter and Facebook pages that Jeordie will be working with them in the studio on their new album. You can check out their recent music video here.

[18:25] More photos from Saturday night.

[05:34] Check LA Weekly's review of Nick's art exhibit, complete with photos....and where they also reveal a little bit about Manson's new record, which, as some of you might know, Manson himself played for all of us who attended in its entirety!

Monday, 09.12.11

[19:07] Another picture from the art show...

[06:26] Photos from Nick Kushner's art show Saturday night, which Jeordie DJ'd, can be viewed here.

Thursday, 09.08.11

[15:05] With work on Marilyn Manson's album completed or very close to completion, is Jeordie using the down time to help out another rock icon in the studio? According to this tweet by guitarist Mick Mars of Motley Crue on his official Twitter page earlier, it looks that way. There's been talk circulating for awhile about Mick putting together a solo project and with the Crue's tour having wrapped up a few weeks ago at LA's Sunset Strip Music Festival, a solo record seems a distinct possibility. Mick speaks a little about what he has in mind in a June 2011 interview with The Dallas Observer which can be read here. More details when they become available.

Monday, 09.05.11

[08:05] Jeordie will now be DJ'ing the opening of New York artist Nick Kushner's exhibit Les Crimes de L'Amour which takes place next Saturday, September 10th at Studio Servitu in downtown Los Angeles. For those of you who don't know, Nick also created and runs the website Nachtkabarett which hosts Marilyn Manson's official message board.

Saturday, 09.03.11

[01:19] Pictures have surfaced from Thursday night's "Born Villain" book signing with Manson and Shia Lebeouf. Scroll down for one of Jeordie who, along with Fred, stopped by and watched the goings-on from the sidelines.

Friday, 09.02.11

[01:33] The trailer for Marilyn Manson's upcoming album, to be titled "Born Villain", has now officially been released and can be viewed at

Tuesday, 08.30.11

[06:16] Pictures from the "Born Villain" screening without watermarks can be viewed at this location.

Monday, 08.29.11

[14:59] Check out photos from the premiere last night of Marilyn Manson's short film, "Born Villain" here. The video itself should be viewable at shortly "soon".

Sunday, 08.28.11

[06:38] New video: Jeordie shops at Flasher Clothing in LA.

Tuesday, 08.16.11


Saturday, 07.16.11

[10:37] Jeordie and Fred (a.k.a. worst DJ's ever) will be doing their thing again this coming Thursday, July 21st at the Bronson Bar, 5851 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA. Starts at 10 p.m.

Tuesday, 07.12.11

[12:25] By way of various tweets on the twitter accounts of some of those involved in the process, it has come to light that work has begun over the last few days on the Shia LaBeouf-produced video for Marilyn Manson, although whether this is an actual music video or a documentary is not yet clear. So far those working with Manson on this project include model/suspension artist Miss Crash, Steve Truitt of Albuquerque, NM-based Ascension Body Mod and Chris Giammalvo of Vanderson, Inc., who is in charge of production design. I am reporting on this because at this time, it *does* appear that Jeordie and the rest of the band will be involved, though to what extent, I'm not sure. When/if I can report more on that end, I'll be sure to let everyone know.