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Monday, 09.20.10

[11:57] After a really, really, really long wait -- Jeordie and Fred's "What's In My Bag" video from Amoeba Records has been completed and is finally up on Amoeba's website. Watch now!.

Monday, 09.13.10

[22:10] No, Jeordie won't be hitting the road with A Perfect Circle when they embark on their just-announced West Coast tour in November, but with three shows taking place in each city, including the Avalon in Los Angeles, it's certainly within the realm of possibility that he might manage a brief onstage reunion with his former bandmates. Frontman Maynard James Keenan has extended an invitation to him and other former members to stop by and lend a hand. "I think some of the shows, depending on timing and depending on scheduling, we'll have Paz and Troy and Jeordie pop down for a song or two," Keenan tells Rolling Stone magazine. Read the full article here. And keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, 09.11.10

[15:01] "What's In My Bag" video. Coming [real] soon....

Saturday, 08.28.10

[04:53] Here's something else really cool just put up for grabs on eBay by director/photographer Dean Karr -- a brand new 11x14 photo from the Antichrist Superstar era of Twiggy standing in the room where Dean shot all of the artwork for the record. Check it out here.

Sunday, 08.22.10

[12:27] Just a heads up -- lots more of Jeordie's stuff was added to the ebay auction page last night.

Sunday, 08.15.10

[18:08] The Candid gallery has been updated with two new photos.

Tuesday, 08.10.10

[21:11] More items are being added right now to the ebay auction (link at the top of the column to your right), including one of Jeordie's guitar/bass pedals. Go check it out!

Saturday, 07.31.10

[07:35] If you missed my tweet last night, there's a bunch more of Jeordie's stuff up for grabs on ebay....

Saturday, 07.24.10

[21:48] It's all but official -- Marilyn Manson has a new band member: welcome Fred Sablan!!

Tuesday, 07.20.10

[00:48] As we approach the middle of summer, Jeordie's decided it's time he got around to doing some spring cleaning. Currently up for sale on Ebay are five different shirts of his, including "Lost" and "Star Wars" collectibles. Go check out all of the items available at this location.

Friday, 07.16.10

[16:42] The Candid gallery has been updated with three new photos from Jeordie and Fred's DJ night at the Bronson Bar last night. This night happens every other Thursday -- the next gig will be on July 29th. Stop by!

Tuesday, 07.06.10

[20:18] News is still relatively slow regarding the Manson record, etc., but found some new(ish) photos to share here (1 photo) and here (3 photos). Note that both pages will require some scrolling.

Saturday, 07.03.10

[17:36] Check out this new picture from Thursday night's DJ gig on Goon Moon's Facebook page.