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Wednesday 01.27.16

Jeordie and Fred's first "Hour of Goon" podcast is up now! Go over and have a listen!

Friday 01.15.16

Jeordie will be appearing at Spooky Empire in Orlando, Florida on April 1-3. Click on the link for ticket info and other details.

Thursday 01.14.16

Jeordie and Fred's podcast is really starting to come together, and now has a name -- "Hour of Goon". Additionally, they have created a Twitter account and an account on Instagram, where you can hear a clip of the theme song written by Jeordie and Fred. More details coming soon!

Following up on Forcecult podcasts, new episodes will be available on their website on Saturdays.

Monday 01.11.16

Great news -- It was announced today that Jeordie has signed on with Force Cult as a regular co-host, so now you will be able hear him on all of their podcasts! Look for #44 coming shortly!

Saturday 01.09.16

Force Cult podcast #43 is available now by clicking here. Definitely worth a listen!

Friday 01.08.16

Jeordie will once again be a guest on a Force Cult podcast, the major topic of discussion revolving around the latest incarnation of the Star Wars saga, "The Force Awakens". This special, double length show will be available tomorrow at Making Star Wars and you don't want to miss it!

Wednesday 01.06.16

Coming soon: Jeordie and Fred Sablan podcast! Details to follow, stay tuned....