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Thursday 03.22.12

[11:51] The artwork and track listing for Born Villain is now available here.

Friday 03.16.12

[08:59] In addition to Toronto's Heavy TO Festival, Marilyn Manson will also be performing at the Heavy MTL festival which takes place in Montreal August 10-12. Manson will play Montreal on the 12th, leaving the 11th the only available date for him to play the Toronto festival.

As an addendum to yesterday's update regarding Born Villain being available for preorder, it is also available for preorder in vinyl format at this location.

Thursday 03.15.12

[21:22] With the first leg of the tour wrapped up, the band heads back home for a short break before kicking off a month's worth of U.S. dates on April 27th in Providence, RI, followed immediately by a trek through Europe. Meanwhile, the first Canadian date has surfaced -- according to Heavy T.O. 2012's twitter, Marilyn Manson will be a part of the lineup which is expected to officially be announced tomorrow at 12 Noon EST. The festival takes place August 11 & 12 and more information can be found on their official website. And one more thing -- "Born Villain can now be preordered on!

[06:10] Either its a slow news day in Taipei or Marilyn Manson is a really big deal there -- check out video footage of the band being mobbed by reporters and fans upon their arrival here. Hopefully this level of interest translates to more news and photos from the show as well!

Monday 03.12.12

[18:47] "No Reflection" will be available worldwide on iTunes tomorrow, March 13th, or depending on where you are in the, such as in the UK and France. Those who have it tell me this track is a bit different from the radio edit provided on youtube last week by Cooking Vinyl, with a slightly different beginning and ending, and is also of better quality. No word yet on a physical release, but will let everyone know when/if I hear anything. And just to keep everyone updated on the tour -- "Coma White" was added as part of the encore at the Osaka show last night!

Sunday 03.11.12

[08:09] Another round of photos have been added to the Hey Cruel World gallery. Not much to report from Japan thus far, but it does seem the set list is pretty much the same as the Australian leg of the tour with the exception of "Tourniquet" having been added.

Friday 03.09.12

[11:04] Check out the Hey Cruel World gallery -- lots of new photos added from the various Australian shows.

Thursday 03.08.12

[08:47] If you weren't able to hear it yesterday, Cooking Vinyl has made "No Reflections" available for listening on line. Also, Marilyn Manson has been announced as playing the Rock the Coast Festival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands on May 24th. You can get all of the details at the festival's official website. Finally, the Hey Cruel World photo gallery has been updated with a photo from the Perth sideshow on March 6th.

Wednesday 03.07.12

[16:33] We now have a release date for Born Villain. According to LA's KROQ radio station, who just now debuted the amazing single "No Reflection", we will have the full album on May 1st!

Tuesday 03.06.12

[12:24] Roman Costanzo attended the Perth sideshow last night and he wrote in to share some of the aesthetics from the show. Although wearing the same outfit from all of the previous shows, this time the mask was not used at all and instead Jeordie wore a pointy black hat (probably as seen on both the Goon Moon and Rape of the World tours) for the first song. He also had what was described as a "strange black beard kind of thing which was draped around his neck/chest", which he removed after the second song. He wore a black wig (same as during Rape of the World?) for half the set, similar to his own hair and had a symbol (perhaps a "69" or hindu or astrological symbol, not anything Manson-related) drawn on his forehead. Manson is said to have performed well, without any issues and overall feedback so far points towards this show being much better than the Soundwave performance of the night before. Finally, Jeordie is doing backing vocals on at least four songs -- "Love Song", "Dope Show", "Personal Jesus" and "Mobscene". With the Australian leg of the tour now complete, the band heads to Japan where they will perform at Tokyo's Studio Coast on Friday night.

In addition to the above information, Roman was also kind enough to give a very detailed account of the gear Jeordie is using this time out. You can check that out here.

[05:42] Just to update everyone, Marilyn Manson has confirmed via Facebook that the 3/20 release of "No Reflection" is official. Also, I've updated the Hey Cruel World gallery with several new photos.

Monday 03.05.12

[19:24] Keep in mind that there's no confirmation from the Manson camp as yet, but....according to this listing on, "No Reflection" will be available as an mp3 download on March 20th. Click the link and listen to a 30 second sample of the track!

Sunday 03.04.12

[20:28] Black Diamond Memorabilia has for sale two test print Twiggy posters which they obtained from a former employee of Interscope Records. These posters never saw the light of day and are a true collector's item; quantities are very limited for both. Check them out: Print #1 and Print #2. Also, a few photos from Adelaide Soundwave have surfaced and you can view them here.

[08:25] More photos: Sydney/Enmore Theatre and Melbourne.

Saturday 03.03.12

[06:52] Many of you have been wondering about the mask that Jeordie has been wearing during the performance of "Antichrist Superstar". It is indeed a mold of his face, casted by Laney Chantal and then painted by Kizuku Kitano, both artists at Magee FX. As Laney explains, "I life casted him, made a core and made a silicone copy of his own face. Only it's super distorted and appears to look as if his skin is falling off since the life cast material was heavy and he has super pliable skin!" Thank you for the info, Laney, and a great job done by both you and Kizuku!

New photo sets from Melbourne can be found here and here. I've also updated the Hey Cruel World gallery with a bunch of new photos, most of which can be credited to vicaust. Be sure to check out all of her many great photos of Manson and Fred as well.

Friday 03.02.12

[16:23] has posted photos from the Melbourne Soundwave, including a good amount of really nice shots of Jeordie. I have also updated the live gallery with a photo from the Enmore Theatre show

Wednesday 02.29.12

[16:45] A few photos of Jeordie from last night's Sidewave show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney can be found at this location. Notice the mask -- a likeness of his own face!

Tuesday 02.28.12

[08:55] One photo each added to the Candid and Hey Cruel World Live galleries. Also, the new issue of Revolver magazine features one of the most informative interviews with Marilyn Manson to date -- lots of information on the new record and he also talks a bit about how he and Jeordie work together. Definitely worth the read and you can do so here.

Monday 02.27.12

[14:53] Both the Candid and Hey Cruel World Live galleries have been updated with some new photos.

Saturday 02.25.12

[22:09] Thanks to the aforementioned @vicaust we now have some decent quality photos from Friday night's Sidewave show and you can check them out here!

[13:55] Marilyn Manson's tour kicked off on Friday night in Brisbane, Australia and following is a brief summary of what we know so far. Manson reportedly has thus far not allowed photographers to shoot during his set, thus there are virtually no good quality photos out there to share with you. There is some decent video footage, however, the only one to devote some time to the band as well as Manson is this recording of "The Beautiful People" from last night's Soundwave show. It has been confirmed that Jeordie is wearing a dress (or something dress-like) again, which looks similar to what he wore on the Antichrist Superstar tour and has makeup described as "old fashioned" with "smeared lipstick" (another nod to ACSS?). As far as gear, he is said to be primarily playing a Les Paul custom but using a Telecaster on some of the songs. The set list is said to have been the same for both nights and can be found here. This is all I have right now and a big thanks to attendees and @LUKECHRISTENSEN for helping me fill in some of the details via Twitter. Speaking of which, be sure to follow this site on Twitter, as I will be doing a lot of updating/retweeting via that outlet as things come in from out on the road, saving this page for more substantial updates.

This leg of the tour wraps up in Taiwan in mid-March, with U.S. dates commencing on April 27th in Providence, RI. Get your tickets while you still can as they seem to be going quickly, with Tokyo (2nd night), Huntington, Des Moines and Houston already sold out.

Monday 02.20.12

[12:28] One more festival date has been added to Marilyn Manson's euro trek this summer: Sonisphere UK on July 8th.

Friday 02.17.12

[09:27] Check out some really great Marilyn Manson old school shots of Jeordie by photographer Joseph Cultice here. Thanks to Marilyn Manson France for the heads up.

Thursday 02.16.12

[10:14] Marilyn Manson has just been confirmed as headlining the Costa de Fuego Fesitval in Spain on July 21st.

Wednesday 02.15.12

[14:02] Marilyn Manson will be among the performers at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards which takes place on Wednesday, April 11th at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale tonight at 5:00 PST at Ticketmaster. The show will also, for the first time ever, be broadcast live via Xbox Live and both Revolver's and Xbox Live's Facebook pages.

Tuesday 02.14.12

[14:00] Marilyn Manson has officially announed the band's U.S. tour, starting on April 27th in Providence, RI. Check out all of the dates here!

Friday 02.10.12

[15:46] During a phone interview today with New Rock 103.9 Manson revealed that Born Villain will be released in May. He also confirmed that a video for the upcoming single "No Reflection" will be shot next week, before the band leaves for Australia. Asked what he had planned for the show at Rock on the Range in May, he stated that, in conjunction with Antichrist Superstar's 15th anniversary celebration, we can expect to hear lots of songs from that record being played live. Rock on the Range tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here.

Thursday 02.09.12

[15:01] Still no confirmation as to when Born Villain will be released, however, during an interview this afternoon with Alan Cox on Cleveland radio station 100.7 WMMS, Manson stated that the first single is entitled "No Reflection" and will be released "very soon".

Wednesday 02.01.12

[07:56] Marilyn Manson has been confirmed to be part of the line up of this year's Rock on the Range festival, which takes place May 18th, 19th and 20th in Columbus, OH. Tickets go on sale February 10th at 10:00 a.m.

Saturday 01.28.12

[21:52] Another date for Europe: July 6th at the Les Ardentes Festival in Liege, Belgium. More info here. Please note that with these dates coming out randomly and one at a time, it probably makes more sense to just post new dates on Twitter and updating the Tour page rather than posting here, until we get something more substantial in the way of an actual tour announcement.

[13:34] Finally some good news for U.S. fans: According to Lazer 103.3's Concert Calendar, Marilyn Manson will be playing the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, IA on May 8th with tickets going on sale February 3rd through Ticketmaster. Hopefully this means a full round of U.S. dates will be announced in the very near future?

Monday 01.23.12

[18:27] Coming Home Records has made available the last 10 "Licker's Last Leg" special edition speckled vinyl pressings. When they're gone, that's it, so if you want in, go here now!!

Wednesday 01.18.12

[15:30] Marilyn Manson's Tour page has been updated with a couple of new European dates (Tilburg, Paris) -- and has also confirmed which dates the band will be playing at the Metaltown (June 15th) and Copenhell (June 16th) festivals.

Saturday 01.14.12

[09:06] Tickets are now on sale for Marilyn Manson's June 5th performance at Le Zenith in Paris. Get yours here. Also, a warm welcome to the band's new drummer, Jason Sutter!

Friday 01.06.12

[15:02] Here are two more photos from last night.

[12:16] Happy New Year, everyone! Looking to be a great year so far with the new record on the horizon and the upcoming tour. Meanwhile, a couple photos of Jeordie at Marilyn Manson's birthday bash last night at Chateau Marmont can be viewed here.