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Sunday, 03.27.11

[09:17] Jeordie and Fred are confirmed to be DJ'ing at The Bronson Bar this Thursday, March 31st. Any future gigs will probably be more on a "whenever they feel like it" basis rather than any sort of regular schedule, so come on out as this could be the last one for awhile.

Tuesday, 03.08.11

[15:41] Head on over to Goon Moon's official store where what's left of their merchandise (CD's, vinyl, t-shirts, etc.) is currently on sale. Quantities are limited, so grab what you can while you can -- don't know when - or if - any of this will be available again. Also, please note that Jeordie and Fred are NOT DJ'ing this week or for the next couple of weeks as they are busy working on music, however, they do plan to return again on March 31st. Details forthcoming as the date gets closer.

Sunday, 02.27.11

[13:05] More video footage from Jeordie's Guest Professor session at the School of Rock can be viewed here (Jeordie briefly talks about how "The Dope Show" came to be) and here; also, if you aren't following the site on Twitter, you probably haven't seen this yet.

Wednesday, 02.23.11

[06:10] Now there's video footage available of Jeordie's stint as Guest Professor at School of Rock. Watch him perform "The Dope Show" with his students and then sit back and watch as they perform "The Beautiful People".

Sunday, 02.20.11

[07:17] Though there are virtually no details to be found on their website, Dimitri Coats of Burning Brides/OFF! just shared via his Twitter account this photo of Jeordie as Guest Professor at School of Rock's Guest Professor series at their North Hollywood location. Looks like Josh Freese was/will be a participant as well, but again, there are no details. With real news pretty much at a standstill these days, thought I would share the photo. In other "news", Jeordie and Fred will be DJ'ing again this Thursday, February 24 at The Bar. It's Chris Vrenna's birthday -- come out!!

Sunday, 01.23.11

[12:46] The details are in: Jeordie and Fred will be DJ'ing on Thursday, February 10th, returning once again to The Bar (aka The Bronson Bar) at 5851 Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. Come out!

Wednesday, 01.19.11

[17:21] Jeordie and Fred will be DJ'ing again in February. Details forthcoming shortly.