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Monday, 03.22.10

[18:20] We've all pretty much been assuming that a new Marilyn Manson record was on the way, and now Chris Vrenna, in a recent interview with vampirefreaks.com, confirms that he, Jeordie and Manson are currently in the studio writing the new record and have a few tracks down already. You can watch the clip here.

Sunday, 03.21.10

[10:47] Marilyn Manson has added a photo of Jeordie to his myspace profile. Check it out here. More reason to believe the two are currently working together on new music?

Monday, 03.15.10

[22:49] While we're waiting for the new stuff to happen, here's a little blast from the past I found tonight: Marilyn Manson performing "Antichrist Superstar" in L.A. on 10.8.01. Enjoy!

Sunday, 03.07.10

[20:07] Goon Moon has posted a blog update on their myspace page. Read it here.

Wednesday, 03.03.10

[06:29] Goon Moon has activated an official profile page on Facebook, which will allow for a little more interactivity than their fan page, i.e. the ability to send messages, requests, etc. Go here and add them as a friend now!

Monday, 03.01.10

[11:09] With the news being really slow these days, only thing to update is the photo galleries. Check the Candid gallery for three new ones from the NIN tour.

Tuesday, 02.23.10

[06:36] New picture added to Goon Moon's myspace page (and Facebook as well).

Thursday, 02.18.10

[10:46] Since I've gotten a few inquiries over the last month or so regarding this issue, I wanted to inform everyone that at the present time, Marilyn Manson does not have any live performances scheduled for 2010. The confusion seems to stem from dates currently listed on Manson's official website, however, these dates are from last year and just haven't been removed or archived as yet. Should a new round of dates be scheduled, I am sure it will be accompanied by an official announcement. For now it appears that the band may be focusing their energies on writing and recording a new album. Hopefully more news on this end will be forthcoming soon, as well as news on the Goon Moon front.

Monday, 02.01.10

[09:27] A couple more old school photos have been added -- check the "Candid" section of the Amboogalard gallery to view. Once again, thanks to Barry Alpert for sending them in.

Wednesday, 01.20.10

[09:38] Six rare and exclusive photos have been added to the Candid (2 photos) and Miscellaneous Live (4 photos) galleries. You're gonna love these! Special thanks to Barry Alpert for sending them in.

Monday, 01.18.10

[18:09] Found more photos from the 2009 tour, not from Paris this time, but Sacramento, Montreal, and Quebec. Also, more video footage ("Rock Is Dead", "The Beautiful People", "Little Horn") has been added here.

Thursday, 01.14.10

[12:55] More pictures from.....you got it, Paris on 12.21.09.

Saturday, 01.09.10

[08:20] Seems like I'm finding more stuff from the Paris show than for the entire tour combined -- another set of photos from that show can be found here.

Friday, 01.08.10

[06:28] High quality footage from last month's show in Paris can be found at this location. Also, Marilyn Manson has posted this new photo on his myspace page. Incidentally, Manson's myspace status as of a few hours ago is "consumed and creating" -- is a new album in the works?