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Sunday 06.30.13

[19:40] Found some of the best footage yet of Jeordie playing guitar with Alice Cooper during "I'm Eighteen". Check it out here. The Masters of Madness tour wrapped up last night in Michigan, but the band resumes headlining dates on Tuesday at the Myth in Minneapolis.

Tuesday 06.25.13

[07:01] The Tone King has posted another interview with Jeordie on their website. In this excerpt, he talks about Born Villain and projects he'd like to work on in the future.

Sunday 06.23.13

[10:34] Found another video of the Uncasville performance of "I'm Eighteen" shot from a different angle where you get to see a little more of Jeordie. There are also some photos from the Reading, PA show here.

Saturday 06.22.13

[12:09] Here is footage from last night in Uncasville, CT, where Jeordie once again joined in on "I'm Eighteen" (approx. at the 1:55 mark). Keep your eyes open at this last round of shows....

Friday 06.21.13

[22:41] If you were at the show in Gilford, NH last night, you might have missed it but somewhere into Alice Cooper's finale of "I'm Eighteen", in which he shares vocals with Marilyn Manson, Jeordie slipped in to take over guitar duties from Cooper guitarist Tommy Henriksen. It literally seems to have been one of those "if you blinked, you missed it" moments, as by the time the lights come up and everyone takes their final bows, Jeordie is nowhere to be found. It's not even clear if Alice or Manson themselves knew what was happening. The footage I have isn't the best, but so far this is all that can be found. Check it out here and pay close attention around the 2:00 mark, and then again towards the end as Manson is exiting the stage. If anyone has better footage or photos to share, please do pass it along!

Thursday 06.20.13

[22:35] New interview! has posted a really great, informative interview with Jeordie about the guitars and amps he's using on this tour. There are also lots of photos as well. Check it out here.

Tuesday 06.11.13

[11:42] Here are some of the best photos so far from the Masters of Madness tour: Denver #1; Denver #2; Los Angeles; and Dallas. More to come as the tour heads towards the midwest and east coast...

Friday 06.07.13

[07:34] Check out these vintage Amboogalard clips from a performance at Rosebuds in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on November 19, 1993. This is one of Jeordie's last shows with the band, shot only weeks later he joined up with Marilyn Manson. These are also among the very few performance clips that feature Jeordie on bass (he originally played rhythm guitar). All clips are courtesy of drummer Jon Somerlade on Amboogalard's official Facebook page. Watch: Alone; Thou Shalt Not Kill; Medicine Man.

Back in the present, here are some photos and a great review from the Masters of Madness show at the amazing Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Morrison, CO on June 3rd.

Sunday 06.02.13

[07:29] Black Lodge have announced in a recent radio interview that Jeordie will be appearing in the third video from their album "The Diary of Tomahawk", playing a character called "Templar". It is expected to be released sometime during the first week in July. Check out the full interview, where they talk about the album and Jeordie's input in the creative process,here.

Tuesday 05.21.13

[13:59] Check out a very brief Q&A done with Jeordie during his recent appearance at the Blood on the Beach horror convention at The Plastics Professional Groupies website.

Monday 05.20.13

[17:30] Jeordie will be interviewed tonight at 9 p.m. PST along with the members of Black Lodge and co-producer Lee Miles. You can listen online at Don't miss out!

Sunday 05.19.13

[20:11] I added 5 new photos to the Amboogalard gallery. Be sure to "like" their official Facebook Page for lots more cool stuff!

Tuesday 04.30.13

[06:41] Black Lodge's single "Never Clean" is now available for purchase on iTunes.

Monday 04.29.13

[10:19] It can now be revealed that one of the projects Jeordie has been keeping himself busy with during the break from Marilyn Manson is LA based industrial rock band Black Lodge. He has been writing with the band on their upcoming concept album entitled The Diary of Tomahawk and is also credited as co-producer alongside producer Lee Miles. More information -- as well as their new video -- can be found here.

Friday 04.26.13

[06:26] Is more music from Goon Moon on the horizon? Could be -- check out Jeordie's tweets from yesterday....

Monday 04.22.13

[10:42] Marilyn Manson has now extended touring into July, after the run with Alice Cooper concludes on June 28th. There are new dates for Omaha, Ft. Wayne, Richmond, Norfolk and Orlando. Available info has been posted on the Tour page.

Monday 04.01.13

[20:33] Happy to announce that Jeff Hilliard has confirmed another collaboration with Jeordie entitled "Jumpsuit Man", a video for which will be coming soon. Check out his brief interview here. And if you haven't been to the Tour page lately, check it out as a few new dates have been added to Marilyn Manson's run with Alice Cooper which starts in June.