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Wednesday, 12.31.08

[10:38] Hollywood.TV caught up with Jeordie on a recent night out and conducted a brief on-the-spot interview which you can watch here. Thanks to lauralynn for sending it in. Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year! Lots to look forward to in 2009!

Wednesday, 12.24.08

[06:23] While checking out some video footage of Alain Johannes' amazing set from the Buddyhead holiday party Sunday night, I stumbled upon this little gem from around 2004, which features Jeordie, Josh Freese and Dave Catching jamming out together at a small Hollywood club known as the Lava Lounge. Yeah, I know I've probably posted this here before, and that some of you may have already seen it, but just watch it again -- it's fun! To those of you who haven't seen it before -- Merry Christmas! Note to Goon Moon fans: Right around the halfway point, you will no doubt recognize a little tune which goes today by the name of "Feel Like This".

Monday, 12.22.08

[19:35] I know some of you, myself included, headed down to the Buddyhead Holiday party last night in anticipation of being able to see Jeordie perform a few acoustic songs along with a bunch of other talented folks who were scheduled to appear. As you know, Jeordie's set never happened. Goon Moon's Fred Sablan (who also never got the chance to perform) has posted a blog on their myspace page, explaining everything. The really good news here is that it appears that the band really wants to do some live stuff in the not too distant future -- let's keep our fingers crossed that they can pull it all together!

Friday, 12.19.08

[16:47] Marilyn Manson appears in the new issue of "Revolver" magazine and gives some brand new insight into the forthcoming record. Here is what he had to say when asked specifically about Jeordie:

Revolver: How has your relationship with Twiggy changed since you last worked together?

MM: We haven't been together as friends in sometime and I think we both filled the void with different relationships and different ideas. But we clearly missed each other and were actually going through parallel emotions without knowing it. In his time away from me Twiggy has grown as a musician and as a guitar player. He's really taken the lead as a guitar player; he plays all the stringed instruments on the album and occasionally some keyboards and different things. I play guitar on one song. I recorded myself snorting lines of something - whatever it may have been - as a percussion instrument.

If you want to read the entire article, someone over at ETS was kind enough to transcribe it in full. I definitely suggest that you check it out.

In other Manson news, lots of rumors are circulating that Manson and Slayer will team up once again this summer to co-headline the 2009 Mayhem tour. Nothing's confirmed as yet, but I will keep everyone posted one way or another.

Looks like advance tix for Sunday night's Holiday celebration are sold out, but you can still get tickets at the door. The venue only holds approximately 150-200 people, so I'd advise getting there early just to be sure you get in. This promises to be a very special evening that you don't want to miss!

Friday, 12.12.08

[21:35] In keeping with the spirit of the season, the dudes over at Buddyhead are plotting and planning their third annual Holiday celebration, which takes place this year on December 21st at the very intimate Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. Turning down the volume a bit this time around, they've got quite a dish of talent to serve up in the form of some low key, one of a kind acoustic performances -- including a scheduled appearance by Jeordie! Other artists on the evening's roster include The Entrance Band, Josh Homme, Aaron North, Alessandro Cortini, Sweethead, Birthday Twin (featuring Goon Moon's Fred Sablan), Tony Bevilacqua, Wires On Fire and...well, the list just goes on and on, with even more special guests to be added in the days to come. This shit's gonna more than compensate for that sucky office party you have to suffer through once again this year! For full details and to purchase advance tickets, hurry on over to And I do mean hurry, as I'm sure these are gonna go fast.

Tuesday, 12.9.08

[11:16] For those of you in the U.S. and Canada who don't want to order it as an import CD from Oasis' official website, Jeordie's "I'm Outta Time" remix is now available as part of a new 5 track EP released by Oasis today exclusively on iTunes. Go here to download.