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Friday 12.21.07

[16:21] Even this many months after its release, the greatness that is "Licker's Last Leg" continues to be recognized. Check out the latest here.

Wednesday 12.19.07

[06:38] The vinyl edition of "Licker's Last Leg", which I reported on a few weeks back, has now been scheduled for a February 25th European release. This release will feature new artwork and something many of you have been asking for: lyrics. Also, you can check out a couple of previously unseen Goon Moon promo pictures taken by photographer Nigel Copp at this location.

Only six more shopping days until Christmas. Don't forget to give the gift of music!

Monday 12.17.07

[20:19] A few more photos from Goon Moon's San Francisco performance last Sunday night have surfaced here.

[15:11] Early last year Amen's official online store had made 3 tracks from Headband available for download in mp3 format. To those of you new to all of this, Headband was a brief side project dating back to 2002 which had Jeordie teaming up with QOTSA's Josh Homme and Nick Oliveri, and Amen's Casey Chaos and Shannon Larkin. Due to everyone's busy schedules, however, the project never quite got off the ground. At any rate, 8 more previously unreleased tracks have been made available for download -- apparently at no cost -- over at this location (scroll down). Have at it!

Saturday 12.15.07

[07:38] Three new photos can be found in the Goon Moon Live gallery, and one more has been added to the Fans gallery. Thanks to mightymonny and Eden Tolley, respectively.

Friday 12.14.07

[06:39] Lots of new pictures from the tour (and one of Jeordie's latest tat) have been added to the Goon Moon myspace page.

Thursday 12.13.07

[21:16] More reviews are in - one of the San Francisco show from Leecho Magazine (scroll down the page a bit) and another of the San Diego show, including a few pictures, from amateurchemist. Check 'em out!

[06:10] Another review from San Francisco accompanied by some really great pictures can be found here.

Tuesday 12.11.07

[07:42] Check out a review, as well as a short video montage, of the San Francisco show here. Goon Moon wraps things up tonight in San Diego at the House of Blues Delta Room. Don't sit home staring at the TV, instead come on out for a night of great live music. Get your tickets here.

Monday 12.10.07

[16:48] Photos from last night's show in San Francisco have been added to the Goon Moon live page.

Sunday 12.9.07

[16:43] A bunch more photos from the last couple of nights have been added to both the Fan and Goon Moon live galleries. Thanks to Nicole Fauteux and bat.

Saturday 12.8.07

[10:52] Two new photos taken after Goon Moon's show in Seattle have been added to the Fans gallery. Thanks to Felicia Denton for sending them in.

Friday 12.7.07

[08:26] Major props to Goon Moon for toughing out the long haul to Seattle to deliver an absolutely brilliant set last night at Chop Suey. Highlights included a rockin' version of "Sleep With A Gun", "An Autumn That Came Too Soon", "Posh Attitude", a reworked "Mashed Potatoes & Cream", and finally, for all the Manson fans out there, Goon Moon's own rendition of "The Dope Show". Four more shows to go, don't miss out! Be sure to bring your friends and spread the word!

Thursday 12.6.07

[06:20] Assuming they navigate the 440 mile I-5 "detour" without ending up somewhere in Idaho, Goon Moon kick off their five city West Coast tour tonight in Seattle. Come on out and show 'em your support! All of your ticketing needs can be found here.

Tuesday 12.4.07

[06:53] Another new photo has been added.... guess where?

Sunday 12.2.07

[02:52] More photos have been added to Goon Moon's myspace; more of the live shots posted there can be found here (on pages 5 and 6).

Wednesday 11.28.07

[21:44] Head over to Goon Moon's myspace to check out 5 new photos taken at rehearsal.

[16:06] Thanks to Northern California online publication Leecho Magazine for informing me that Licker's Last Leg has been named #4 on their Hot iPod List.

[11:01] Rehearsals have been ongoing for the last several weeks in LA as Goon Moon prepare to launch their first headlining tour which kicks off next week in Seattle. They have some special surprises planned for these shows, so make sure you don't miss out. If you don't already have your tickets, get them now by clicking here.

Saturday 11.24.07

[19:39] Nothing definite yet, no details as to where and when, but for those of you asking for Goon Moon to come to your town, looks like they really mean to put forth their best effort to bring their live show to other places besides the U.S. West Coast sometime after the new year. Will keep you all posted as best as I can!

Thursday 11.22.07

[18:06] There's even more new pictures to be seen over at Goon Moon's myspace page, as well as more songs that were added after surveying the fans for their requests.

[07:47] Two more photos added to the Candid page.

Tuesday 11.20.07

[06:41] And one more...

[00:44] Check out 4 awesome new photos in the Candid gallery.

Monday 11.19.07

[08:48] According to this webpage, a vinyl edition of "Licker's Last Leg" featuring new artwork and lyrics is slated for a European release on December 3rd. No word yet on a U.S. release.

Sunday 11.18.07

[09:27] And yet another new picture here...

Friday 11.16.07

[06:12] Added another new picture today, which has also been added to Goon Moon's myspace page. If you haven't been there in awhile, the page is sporting a nice new look these days. Be sure to check it out and add yourself to their friends list so you won't miss anything!

Thursday 11.15.07

[19:07] New picture added to the Candid gallery. Direct linkage here

Tuesday 11.13.07

[06:09] Jeordie's got him some brand new tattoos. Check 'em: #1; #2.

Monday 11.5.07

[06:39] A couple of photos from Goon Moon's performance in San Francisco last week have surfaced and can be viewed at this location.

Saturday 11.3.07

[07:04] Tickets for the San Diego show on December 11th at the House of Blues Delta Room go on sale this morning at 10:00 a.m. via Ticketmaster. Click here to go directly to the ticketing page. Please note that this is a 21+ show.

Wednesday 10.31.07

[18:21] As of early this evening, tickets have now become available for the Seattle show on December 6th at this location. The show at the Troubadour on December 10th will go on sale next Tuesday, November 6th through Ticketmaster or, if you have access to a fax machine and want to bypass Ticketmaster's service charges, you can also order by fax. Information on how to fax in an order can be found here, as well as a link to the Troubadour's Ticketmaster page.

[09:29] Tickets are now on sale for Goon Moon's Portland, OR show on December 7th at this location. Tickets for the December 9th show in San Francisco will go on sale Sunday, November 4th at 10:00 a.m. at this location.

Tuesday 10.30.07

[12:56] Even more pictures here...

[01:35] Found this review of Friday night's show at the Echoplex, and though the writer mostly talks about UNKLE (not unexpected, since they were headlining), Goon Moon's debut performance does get a very favorable mention. There are also a few photos from the show here.

Monday 10.29.07

[06:18] 11 more photos from Goon Moon's Los Angeles show have been added to the Goon Moon live gallery. Thanks to rasha818 at for the submission.

Saturday 10.27.07

[16:09] Took some photos at Goon Moon's first ever live show at the Echoplex last night and you can view them in the newly added Goon Moon photo gallery. If you are going to see them tonight, you won't be disappointed!

Friday 10.26.07

[14:10] reports today that starting next year, toymaker UNKL will issue on a monthly basis a series of limited edition figurines based on Ipecac Records' artist roster. A Goon Moon figurine, which features an image of the luna moth as seen on Goon Moon's myspace page, is scheduled to be available in June 2008. Go here to read the article and see the images.

[05:56] New interview with Chris Goss at this location, where he talks about his musical influences and early career, Masters of Reality, QOTSA and, of course, his work with Jeordie and Goon Moon. Also, check out this flyer for Saturday night's show in San Francisco. To everyone going to either or both shows this weekend, have a great time and feel free to send in your reviews and photos.

Thursday 10.25.07

[06:24] Check out a couple of write ups on Goon Moon's LA appearance tomorrow night at LA Weekly and Los Angeles City Beat. With the volume of shows passing through the L.A. area on a daily basis, great to see Goon Moon getting special mention. Also, for those of you attending the shows, be sure to pick up a Goon Moon t-shirt before heading home.

Monday 10.22.07

[12:12] With their first ever live performances coming up this weekend, Goon Moon's myspace page has been updated with the names of the full touring lineup along with a little blog. Check it out.

Friday 10.19.07

[14:24] Ipecac Records' Calendar page has added a new date to Goon Moon's West Coast tour itinerary: December 11th at the House of Blues Delta Room in San Diego. Ticket info TBA.

Tuesday 10.16.07

[14:30] According to this website, Goon Moon will be appearing at Chop Suey in Seattle, WA on December 6th and Berbati's Pan in Portland, OR on December 7th. Advance tickets will be available through ticketswest, though at the moment it is not yet known when tickets will go on sale.

Thursday 10.11.07

[18:01] Goon Moon have added two new dates to their myspace page: December 9th at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and December 10th at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. No ticket info is available at this time, but as soon as I have that info I'll pass it along.

Friday 10.5.07

[06:09] The NIN Live gallery has been updated with 15 photos from Melbourne, Seoul and Hong Kong, all taken by Sarah Miller. Thanks, Sarah, for sending them in!

Monday 10.1.07

[10:38] A little blast from the past to share with everyone today: The Amboogalard gallery has been updated with two awesome shots (scroll down to the "Candid" section of the page). Thanks to Barry Alpert and Diane Strohm for these.