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[2:50 p.m.] Tomorrow night's show in Oakland, CA has been postponed until November 19th. Tickets for tomorrow's performance will be honored. No other dates will be rescheduled at this time, however, it appears that Jerome will not be returning to the lineup, at least for the time being. Information on a replacement will be forthcoming soon.

[6:46 a.m.] Jerome is back in the hospital after performing last night in Sacramento, CA. No other information is available at this time as to his condition or how this will affect upcoming shows. I will keep everyone updated. Best wishes to Jerome for a speedy recovery.

A review of the Seattle show has been added to the Reviews page.


[9:49 p.m.] Two reviews have been added to the Reviews page, one of NIN's recent performance in Brisbane (thanks to missmacbeth for a great write up!) and my own run down of the first two shows of the U.S. tour in Phoenix and Fresno.

Also, the new location for the Voodoo Festival is expected to be announced tomorrow. I probably won't have internet access tomorrow until later in the day, so keep an eye on Voodoo's official website for the new information.


[11:50 a.m.] Trent has left a new message on NIN's official site, stating that Jerome is okay, indicating that the show in Phoenix will go on as scheduled. Very good news on all fronts!

[4:34 a.m.] Tonight's Nine Inch Nails show in Tucson, AZ has been canceled. No further information is available as yet as to a makeup date, ticket refunds, etc. You can read a message posted by Trent on here. Get well wishes for Jerome can be posted on his message board at


[11:40 p.m.] Tonight's show in San Diego had to be cancelled about halfway into the set due to drummer Jerome Dillon's suffering from "shortness of breath and severe chest pains". Jerome has been rushed to a local hospital where he is being diagnosed. Please send your good thoughts and prayers his way tonight. As of now, the band has rescheduled this show for November 20th and you should hold on to your ticket stubs. I have no further details yet as to tomorrow's show in Tucson or any other shows scheduled for the near future. I will post more info as it comes in.


[6:42 p.m.] In a very lengthy, live in-studio interview with San Diego's 94.9 tonight, Trent confirmed what I'd mentioned here last month, that Nine Inch Nails will, in fact, be playing more markets in the U.S. in January, followed by a return trip overseas (Europe and Australia mentioned specifically). He also stated that the band may do a "shed" (i.e., outdoor ampitheatre) tour next summer. I assume this would be in the U.S., but he didn't confirm where this tour would take place. More info on all of this will be posted as it comes in.


[7:40 a.m.] According to a bulk email sent out by to its members, Nine Inch Nails' myspace profile is set to feature exclusive live footage of the upcoming U.S. tour starting on September 16th. This footage will be updated nightly. NIN's profile can be accessed here.


[10:12 a.m.] Further clarifying the status of the Voodoo Music Festival, the organizers have confirmed to Billboard magazine that they are in the process of finding a new city to host the festival on the originally scheduled dates of October 29-30, and that the event will be used to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina. In a telephone interview with San Diego radio station 91X this morning, Trent himself spoke of the festival's efforts to relocate, pretty much confirming that Nine Inch Nails will still be a part of the lineup. For those who are holding tickets to this event, original tickets will be honored at the new location. Refunds are available by phone or at points of purchase.


[11:03 a.m.] I wanted to pass along an update that the Voodoo Music Festival organizers have issued on their message board regarding the status of the two day event, which Nine Inch Nails was scheduled to headline on October 29th:

"To all of you with questions and concerns about the status of this year's festival, please know we are working to move forward with alternative plans now that it's obvious that our hometown will not be available this year.

Our goal is for Voodoo to join the relief and rebuilding efforts by becoming a fundraiser, and providing aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We appreciate all your kind words, thoughts, and especially your patience during this transitional time. We will update you with our plans as they develop."

This is all the information that is available at this time.


[4:47 p.m.] Rolling Stone's Greg Prato has posted a review of Goon Moon's EP over at, which has been added to the Press page and can be read by clicking here.

Speaking of Rolling Stone, they recently checked in with Josh Homme regarding QOTSA's plans for the upcoming months, including the trek with NIN which begins in San Diego on September 16th. Josh also stated during this brief interview that he will begin work on Desert Sessions 11/12 later this year. It is not yet known whether Jeordie will appear on this installment but, given the fact that NIN will more than likely take a little break after they return from South America in late November/early December, here's hoping that he will have some time to once again lend his talents to the project. As always, I will keep you all posted.


[8:59 a.m.] In light of the ongoing disaster in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, I wanted to pass on the following links.

To donate:

American Red Cross
Salvation Army
America's Second Harvest

Additional organizations can be found by going to

If you are looking for missing family/friends or wish to let someone know that you are okay, go to and scroll down to the Help Center on the left hand side of the page. There you will find links to various message centers where you can find or leave information for loved ones and also offer assistance in providing shelter, etc. for those who have been displaced.

My heart goes out to everyone affected by this tragedy.


First San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and now there is more good news for our neighbors in South America - Nine Inch Nails have confirmed that they will be announcing more South American dates "very soon". Keep checking and/or this site for further updates.


The Press page has been updated with a blast from the past - an August 1997 interview with Kerrang magazine where Jeordie, more commonly known as Twiggy Ramirez back then, talks about his record collection. Click here to go directly to the article. Thanks to 2freakettes at for sending this in.


NIN have updated their Performance page with a new U.S. date at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes-Barre, PA on 11.6.05. The November appearances at Brazil's Claro Festival have also been confirmed. The festival takes place on 11.26.05 in Sao Paulo and on 11.27.05 in Rio de Janeiro. Ticket information is not yet available for any of the newly confirmed shows.

Keep in mind that nothing is confirmed yet, but there is growing talk suggesting that not only will Nine Inch Nails be returning to Europe after the first of the year, but that another round of dates in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand might be on tap as well. Trent himself has allegedly spoken of such dates at recent meet and greets that have taken place. I will let everyone know when/if new information comes to light on any of this.


According to this article posted by The NIN Hotline, Nine Inch Nails will perform at the Claro Que E Rock Festival in Brazil in late November. The festival takes place in Sao Paulo on November 26th and in Rio de Janeiro on November 27th. There is no official update on NIN's performance page as yet.


Some of you have expressed concern that Jeordie would cut off his hair based on the fact that Trent cut off his. However, a new photo from Japan's Summersonic Festival just added to the NIN Live gallery shows substantial evidence that all of Jeordie's hairs remain intact. Is that a collective sigh of relief I'm hearing?


[11:40 a.m.] The following photo galleries have been updated: APC Live (5 photos; thanks to Mrs.Goony), NIN Live (1 photo)and NIN Promo (2 photos).


Following up on last week's announcement of NIN ticket auctions, many of which start today, this is the link to the page which will give you access to the auctions where you will be able to place bids on either general admission or reserved tickets. All of the information you need to participate in these auctions can be found on this page, including the schedule of auction start dates for shows not yet up for auction today. Good luck to all who bid!


If you haven't already seen this over at, starting on Monday, August 8th, Nine Inch Nails will join forces with Ticketmaster, initiating a series of online auctions where fans can bid on premium tickets to shows on the band's upcoming arena tour of the U.S. and Canada. This is part of a two-tiered effort to thrwart scalpers, the first part being the recent launch of the NIN fan club, The Spiral. NIN will donate a portion of the proceeds made from these auctions (which otherwise would have made some scalper's wallet fatter) to The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization which provides post-conviction DNA testing to yield conclusive proof of innocence. For more information and to read the press release, go here.


More itinerary changes are being reported this morning on's tour page. First, the November 11th Albany, NY show at the Pepsi Arena has mysteriously been replaced with a "TBA". Guess they won't be going to Albany after all. The second change is that they have now added the November 14th Winnepeg show at the MTS Centre, thus "officially" confirming the show, which a lot of people already knew about anyway. Tickets for this one go on sale this Saturday, August 6th, at 10:00 a.m. through Ticketmaster. On the subject of ticket sales, there is a discrepancy regarding the Toronto show, with showing the date to be Saturday, August 6th, while Ticketmaster's website shows the onsale date as being a day earlier. I would advise checking with Ticketmaster to confirm the onsale information.


The tour page has now confirmed the rescheduling of the Salt Lake City show from November 19th to October 4th. The ticket sale date is yet to be determined. Additionally, Toronto and Montreal have switched places. The Toronto show, originally scheduled for November 11th, will now take place on November 10th, while the Montreal show is moved from November 10th to November 11th. Tickets for both shows go on sale on Saturday, August 6th.


The NIN Hotline reports this morning that the Salt Lake City show has been rescheduled for October 4, 2005...which is when it was scheduled for in the first place, before being replaced by the now-cancelled Colorado Springs show. No word yet on when tickets go on sale and NIN's official tour page does not yet reflect the changes. If you purchased tickets for the Colorado Springs show, see the World Arena's official website for details regarding refunds or a chance to exchange the tickets for premium tickets to the October 5th Denver performance.

It's looking increasingly good for NIN to be making a stop in Winnipeg, with radio station Power 97 apparently confirming the show on the air yesterday (with details to come next week). NIN's official website has yet to add the date, however. Meanwhile, the Colorado Springs date scheduled for October 4th at the World Arena has been removed from NIN's tour page and also from the venue's listings. Word is the show is cancelled. And finally, I'm sorry to report that I still have no idea what's up with the Salt Lake City date scheduled for November 19th. NIN's site still has it listed as going on sale this Saturday at 10:00 a.m., but I have yet to see any other evidence that they will be playing the E Center on this date, or that they will be in Salt Lake City at all on this date.


NIN's official website has updated their Performance page with the Calgary and Edmonton dates. The Salt Lake City show is still listed as taking place on November 19th at the E-Center and going on sale July 30th at 10:00 a.m. I'm still, however, wondering how Nine Inch Nails will manage to perform there with a Utah Grizzlies game (I checked -- it *is* a home game) happening at the same time.


According to the Edmonton Sun, the November 16th show at the Rexall Center is also a go.

At least one of the Canadian dates I mentioned the other day appears closer to becoming reality. An article in today's Calgary Sun states that Nine Inch Nails, along with Queens of the Stone Age and Death From Above 1979 will perform at the Saddledome on November 17th, with an official announcement expected in the coming weeks. This concurs with the listing as it appears on the QOTSA website.

The QOTSA website also uncovers an apparent discrepancy involving the Salt Lake City date at the E Center on November 19th. This date has now been removed from their tour page and in checking the official website of the E Center, it appears that a hockey game is booked at that venue on that night. As with the Canadian dates, I will keep everyone posted on developments regarding the Salt Lake City date as well.

Two new photos have been added to the Candid gallery, which were taken during Nine Inch Nails' visit to Mexico City last month. Thanks to Wolfgang von Eminence Sade for both of these. For more photos and his write up (in Spanish) of the show and encounters with the band, visit his website at


Queens of the Stone Age have updated their official website with three additional Canadian dates, which fill in the gap between NIN's Toronto (11.11) and Salt Lake City (11.19) gigs. While the site does not list Nine Inch Nails as the headlining act for these shows, they are also not listed as headlining Montreal and Toronto, which we know, in fact, they are. The newly added dates are as follows:

11.14.05 - Winnipeg, MB - MTS Center
11.16.05 - Edmonton, AB - Rexall Place
11.17.05 - Calgary, AB - Pengrowth Saddledome

Since these dates have not yet been added to NIN's website, I can't tell you that they are *100%* confirmed, but it seems more likely than not that these are a part of the NIN tour. As soon as I get confirmation either way, I will let everyone know.


Trent answers more questions today in's Access section. Relevant to the tour, Trent advises that no changes will be made regarding the Brixton gigs on July 13 and 14 in spite of the terrorist bombings earlier this week in London. He also confirms that the band will return to Europe for an arena tour and that the tour commencing this Fall is "shaping up to be quite different from the one we're completing now", with a "substantial" amount of tracks not performed thus far to be included in the set list.

Jeordie is also mentioned briefly. When asked how funny it is to see Jeordie playing "Starfuckers, Inc.", Trent responds that "many experiences and shared experiences have made us close."


An interview from the most recent Kerrang! has been added to the Press page and can be read here.


The NIN Hotline has provided additional information regarding tomorrow's show at Rock Werchter. The Studio Brussel broadcast will contain only audio, however another stream at Skynet Belgacom will reportedly contain video as well. However, this will be only for 2 or 3 songs, whereas Studio Brussel will apparently offer the entire performance.