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Sunday 3.30.08

[12:33] If you weren't able to make it out to a show, or if you didn't have a chance to hit the merch booth at any shows you attended, you can now purchase on line a Manson & Twiggy T-Shirt from the recent "Rape Of The World" tour at Marilyn Manson's official store. I know a lot of you have been looking for a Twiggy T-shirt, so I wanted to pass along the info. Of course, there's lots of other stuff available for purchase as well, so have a look around.

Monday 3.24.08

[06:00] A new acoustic track, "Flowers For You", appeared overnight on Goon Moon's music player, and there's a bunch of new photos as well.

Wednesday 3.19.08

[06:23] The myspace fun continues as Jeordie shows off his new ink in Goon Moon's photo album. If you figure out what it means, you win....the satisfaction of being smarter than the rest of us.

Tuesday 3.18.08

[13:00] Goon Moon's music player has been updated with...well, not exactly music. Clicky clicky and have a listen to "The Black" and "Mother".

Sunday 3.16.08

[07:35] Six new photos have been uploaded on Goon Moon's myspace page. Head on over and find 'em! Is there a hint in any of these photos as to Manson's new record? You decide...

Saturday 3.15.08

[09:51] Goon Moon updated their myspace page today to assure everyone that Jeordie is still very much a part of Goon Moon and that the band will record and play shows again when everyone's respective schedules ease up some. As most of you probably know by now, Jeordie will be taking time out to work with Marilyn Manson on a new record, while the other members of Goon Moon concentrate on their own projects. To read the entire blog and see what everyone else in Goon Moon is up to, go here.

Thursday 3.13.08

[10:06] The tour may be over, but the collaboration between Manson and Jeordie is not. Jeordie is fully expected to be a part of the fun as Manson prepares to work on his seventh studio album. And though everyone is busy right now with their own respective projects, you can expect to hear more from Goon Moon this year as well. More info on all of the above as soon as I have some details to share.

Friday 3.7.08

[06:24] The "Loveline" radio show's webpage has a photo of Jeordie and Manson taken the night of their appearance on the show back in January. You can check it out here. Once on the page, click "Thumbnail View" and scroll down to the third row.

Monday 3.3.08

[16:10] Found a review of the Dallas show. Check it out here.

[05:52] Check out photos from the Dallas show at this location.

Sunday 3.2.08

[11:24] Been digging through the vaults again and updated the Media page with a couple of goodies (scroll down to "Live Performance"). First up, I've added videos of Jeordie, Trent Reznor, Peter Murphy and Atticus Ross performing "A Stange Kind Of Love" and "Reptile". These were part of a special series of pre-show performances on NIN's summer 2006 tour which took place in several cities and which were witnessed only by a handful of radio show contest winners (and perhaps select members of NIN's fan club). Next, I've added audio of a jam that took place back in August 2004 at a little coffeehouse out in Joshua Tree, CA called the Beatnik Cafe. This was part of a weekly internet broadcast called "Peacenik at the Beatnik" and features Jeordie performing with Chris Goss, Dave Catching, Whitey Kirst and Zach Hill. Anyone besides me think that some of the riffs in the beginning are eerily reminiscent of the track "Lay Down" off of "Licker's Last Leg"?

Saturday 3.1.08

[10:15] A review and some pictures from the Phoenix show can be found here. Also more really great photos of Jeordie from the Los Angeles shows have been added to the flickr page I linked on Wednesday (see news item below for link).