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Sunday, 6.29.08

[16:11] Once again Goon Moon has sent out a myspace bulletin regarding this, and I'm helping to spread the word: Jeordie is not affiliated with any myspace page outside of Goon Moon's official page and Marilyn Manson's official page. All others are fakes or are fan pages. The fan pages I'm aware of all clearly state that they are not official, so there's little room for confusion there as long as you can be bothered to read. Here, however, are examples of a couple of fakes:


Bottom line is this: if it's not Goon Moon's or Marilyn Manson's myspace, it's not connected to Jeordie. Please be aware of this and let all your friends know as well.

Thursday, 6.26.08

[22:33] New photos from Jeordie's birthday are up at Goon Moon's myspace page. Have a look at them here.

Monday, 6.23.08

[14:20] The link for the $150.00 Unipo set that I posted on Friday keeps going bad, even though I've fixed it several times. To get to that page, just go to and click on "Store" on the menu bar at the top. The Unipo collection can be found on the first page. Also, since it was too hot out here over the weekend to do much of anything besides surf the web in the comfort of my air conditioned home, I dug up another review of "Licker's Last Leg", which can be read here.

Friday, 6.20.08

[09:44] Goon Moon posted a new blog update this morning. Among the things mentioned was [yet another] reminder that the *ONLY* myspace pages that Jeordie is affiliated with are the Goon Moon official page and Marilyn Manson's official page. They also advise that a Goon Moon online store is in the works, though there are no details yet as to a launch date. Finally, be sure to get your Goon Moon Unipo figure, which are in limited supply. Right now the only place I can find them at is this location but they are only being sold as part of a complete set for $150.00 USD. You can also keep an eye out here where, as of about a week ago, you could purchase the figures individually. Perhaps they will make that option available again in the future. If all else fails, you can always keep an eye out on eBay. Anyway, you can read the new blog in its entirety by clicking here. While there, be sure to send your best wishes to Jeordie, who's celebrating his birthday today.

Friday, 6.13.08

[13:38] Two new songs have been added to Goon Moon's music player on their myspace page -- "This Song Don't Belong" and "Apartment 31". The latter track, for those of you new to Goon Moon, can be found on their 2005 EP "I Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine". If you like what you hear, you can purchase the full EP at this location.

Saturday, 5.31.08

[08:02] Somebody in Goon Moon has something against some dude named Spencer. Or maybe they just didn't like that 80's TV series about some dude named Spencer. Check out the new track now over at their myspace page.

Friday, 5.16.08

[15:02] Goon Moon's rockin' their myspace page with a brand new track entitled "Little Darlings". Hurry on over and check it out -- this one's downloadable as well.

Friday, 5.09.08

[13:42] To answer a couple of questions making the rounds: yes, this really is Jeordie�s youtube page and no, he will not be touring with NIN this time around, as he is currently in the studio with Marilyn Manson writing and recording a new record which I have no doubt will deliver the goods. News may be a little slow for the moment, but there is lots to look forward to so...stay tuned!

Friday, 4.25.08

[08:26] Goon Moon's on a roll, having added another new track called "Never Heard a OLD Woman cuSS" to their myspace page. Good stuff, head over for a listen!

Wednesday, 4.23.08

[11:33] Goon Moon wants everyone to know that if you're in the Los Angeles area, you can now pick up "Licker's Last Leg" vinyl at Amoeba Music in Hollywood. Their address is 6400 W. Sunset Blvd. and their phone number is (323)245-6400. For the hell of it, I just now called Amoeba's San Francisco store and was told that they currently have three vinyls in stock that they just got in on the 10th. They are located at 1855 Haight St. and the phone number is (415)831-1200. The person who answered the phone was willing to hold a copy for me, sooo....if you are interested in securing a copy, you might want to give them a call. I did check with the Berkeley, CA location as well, but no luck there. Please note that the album can still be ordered online at this location.

Friday, 4.18.08

[07:05] More great music from Goon Moon! Check out "Phantom Legkickingjohninhell" here.

Tuesday, 4.15.08

[20:52] There's a couple new tracks on Goon Moon's myspace page -- go listen!

Monday, 4.14.08

[13:44] Here are some pictures from Marilyn Manson's Los Angeles performance on 2/23/08 that I haven't seen posted anywhere else as yet. Also, though there are no specifics to share at the moment, things are looking very positive for us to be seeing more of Goon Moon before 2008 is over. Whether this involves a new record, more touring, or both, remains to be seen. Be sure to show your Goon Moon love over on their official myspace page.

Tuesday, 4.08.08

[19:20] Since news has been kind of slow lately, and since some of you are still wondering about this, I thought I'd take some time to report on what Jeordie's NOT doing -- and that would be touring with NIN on their upcoming U.S. trek starting this summer. For more info on the [sort of] new[ish] lineup, all you need to know can be found on or any of the NIN-related fansites. As to what he IS doing, he is currently holed up in a studio somewhere working on a new Marilyn Manson record. More stuff should be forthcoming from Goon Moon as well, as soon as everyone's schedule is a little less chaotic. As soon as I know more, so will you.

Tuesday 4.01.08

[18:02] A new video has just been added over at Goon Moon's myspace page. Check it out here. And no, it's not just you -- I don't think there's supposed to be any sound.