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6.28.07 [12:48]

Apparently determined to cover every part of the globe on their next run, NIN have added a show at the Fair, Trade & Convention Center in Tel Aviv, Israel on 9.5.07. Ticketing info is not available at this time. The NIN Hotline has also uncovered a 9.13.07 date in Hong Kong at the Asia World Expo. Tickets for this one go on sale 7.12.07 at

6.26.07 [6:24]

I just want to encourage those of you who haven't already done so to be sure to sign up on Goon Moon's myspace page in order to receive exclusive bulletins updating you with all the latest news and happenings. To do so, simply go to the left hand side of the page and add them as a friend. And to clarify for those of you already signed up who have received responses from Jeordie -- yes, it really is him.

6.25.07 [10:21]

"Gateway" has now been made available for purchase for $.75 at Goon Moon's myspace page.

6.21.07 [19:24]

A brand new unreleased Goon Moon track -- i.e., one that hasn't been heard on Jeordie's youtube page -- can be previewed and purchased for $2.00 at Goon Moon's myspace. The song is entitled "I Know Where You Live." Keep checking the page for more possible additions in the coming days and weeks.

6.20.07 [11:40]

"This Song Don't Belong", one of the unreleased Goon Moon tracks recently showcased on Jeordie's youtube page, has also just been made available for purchase at Goon Moon's official myspace page.

6.19.07 [20:57]

Just in time for Jeordie's birthday, you can now buy "Sleep With A Gun" for $1.00 over at Goon Moon's official myspace page. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this opportunity, so head on over there now!

6.15.07 [6:52]

Nine Inch Nails have been added to the roster of artists appearing at Holland's Lowlands Festival on 8.19.07. Tickets are already on sale for this one. Also just added is a show at Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea on 9.11.07. Ticket information for this show is not yet available.

6.14.07 [13:32]

Cincinnati entertainment weekly City Beat offers up their review of "Licker's Last Leg" which is viewable online by clicking here.

6.12.07 [13:48]

Another thumbs up for "Licker's Last Leg" from

6.9.07 [11:25]

The reviews for "Licker's Last Leg" are still coming in, the latest being this one from the Orlando Weekly.

6.8.07 [9:46]

As most of you probably know, Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme is among several guest artists on "Licker's Last Leg". Homme was also instrumental in the formation of Goon Moon, as it was he who introduced Jeordie and Chris Goss shortly after Jeordie's departure from Marilyn Manson in 2002 (a full Goon Moon bio will be added to the site shortly). In a new interview with the Bay Area's to promote QOTSA's upcoming release, "Era Vulgaris", Homme was also asked a few questions about Goon Moon. You can read the entire interview here.

6.7.07 [6:40]

There's a new video clip up over at, where Jeordie explains [again] his departure from Marilyn Manson. Clicky here to watch it. You'll have to sit through an ad for Chase Bank's credit card first (doesn't seem to be a way around it). If for some reason this link goes bad or doesn't take you directly to Jeordie's interview, go to the main site and click on the "Music News" tab. Once you get through that pesky little Chase Bank ad, type in "twiggy ramirez" or "jeordie white" in the search engine and it should take you there.

6.6.07 [17:22]

Head over to Goon Moon's myspace and check out the newly added photos and a new track from "Licker's Last Leg" ("Lay Down").

6.4.07 [22:06]

A video featuring another great unreleased Goon Moon track called "This Song Don't Belong" is the newest addition to Jeordie's youtube page. Go directly to it by clicking this link.

6.1.07 [13:36]

Found another review of "Licker's Last Leg" which can be read here.

5.23.07 [6:43]

Another review of "Licker's Last Leg" can be read at, the track "Apple Pie" has been added to the Goon Moon myspace page and a new photo of Jeordie has been added to's current page. Also, the video for "Burn My Shadow", the track on UNKLE's upcoming album on which Jeordie contributes, is available for viewing here. "War Stories" is currently set for a 7.24.07 release in the U.S.

Finally, let's try to get more exposure for "Licker's Last Leg" via some well-deserved radio airplay. If there is a radio station in your area whose playlist isn't solely dictated by what the major labels feed them, give them a call or shoot them an email and ask that they add "Licker's Last Leg". More likely targets would be college and indie stations, but sometimes the more commercially-oriented stations have specific programs where they do showcase indie acts and other music outside the mainstream. Find out what's in your neck of the woods. If you are in Southern California, you can hit up Indie 103.1 or KCRW 89.9.

5.16.07 [6:49]

You can read a new interview with Jeordie in today's Great Falls Tribune, where he compares his time in Manson to where he is now. I've also added a review of one of NIN's recent shows in Melbourne, as written up by "stacey84".

5.15.07 [12:53]

Check out another review of "Licker's Last Leg" here (you'll have to scroll down a bit to the 5.8.07 entry). Also, according to this article at, the CD will be available throughout Europe on 5.21.07. It can be ordered via their webshop. Thanks to Thomas at for passing along the information.

5.13.07 [16:04]

Check out another review of "Licker's Last Leg" at Also, there is more youtube goodness to be had over at Jeordie's page.

5.10.07 [21:11]

Just wanted to let everyone know that "Licker's Last Leg" is now available on iTunes. For those of you having trouble finding it in-store, or who don't feel like waiting on shipping from, et al., this is another option for you. Also, be sure to check out another great review of the record at this location.

For those who don't already know, NIN have been forced to postpone the May 10th and 11th shows at Luna Park in Sydney. These shows have now been rescheduled for September 15th and 16th, respectively. Tickets for the postponed shows will be honored at the rescheduled ones. For those who are unable to attend, refunds are available at the point of purchase.

The band did, however, play Sydney as scheduled on May 9th and some photos from said show can be found here.

5.9.07 [6:23]

Got a potpourri of stuff to share this morning...

First, Jeordie has added "Feel Like This" to his youtube page and the track "Balloon" has been added to Goon Moon's myspace page. A new review of the record can be found at

Next up, I've heard some reports of the album not being readily available in-store (low on stock or not stocked at all), so I wanted to provide a couple of more links to where it can be purchased on line. Check out,, and It will also be available soon on iTunes. If you are in Germany, it will be available starting May 18th on

Finally, if you haven't been to in the last 24 hours, a bunch of new dates have been added to NIN's summer Euro tour as follows:

8.1.07 Moscow, Russia [Luzhniki Arena]
8.3.07 St. Petersburg, Russia [Jubeleyny Arena]
8.5.07 Helsinki, Finland [Ankkarock Festival]
8.11.07 Budapest, Hungary [Sziget Festival]
8.18.07 Hasselt, Belgium [Pukkelpop Festival]

Tickets are on sale now for all but the Moscow/St. Petersburg gigs, both of which go on sale 5.19.07.

Lots of stuff going on the last couple of days, so keep checking back for updates...

5.8.07 [00:18]

The long wait is finally over! Today marks the worldwide release of "Licker's Last Leg", so head out to your nearest purveyor of music and indulge in all that is Goon Moon. Bring some friends. And if you like what you hear, help spread the love by sharing your thoughts on the album on various music/media pages (iTunes, etc.) across cyberspace. I've also set up a thread on the message board for you to do the same. If you are having trouble finding the record locally, you can also order it online at and

Regarding UNKLE's "War Stories", the only info I have thus far on Jeordie's contribution is that he plays bass on the track "Burn My Shadow", which also features the Cult's Ian Astbury on vocals. Also, although the U.S. will see a release date of July 24th, the album will drop earlier in the UK, Europe and Australia on July 9th and in Japan on June 20th.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all of you who participated in the recent Q&A and of course, a big thanks to Jeordie for taking out time to respond during his short break from NIN touring duties.

5.7.07 [8:20]

UNKLE's "War Stories", on which Jeordie is one of several guest artists, will see a July 24th release date in North America. More information on the record can be read in today's edition of

5.6.07 [7:52]

Jeordie has added another video/unreleased Goon Moon track to the youtube page. Go directly to it by clicking here. Two days and counting until the release of "Licker's Last Leg"...

5.3.07 [4:33]

Jeordie has responded to more of your questions over at the Q&A section. The Q&A is currently not taking any new questions, but keep checking back. This may or may not change after Jeordie is done responding to the enormous amount of questions that came in this past week. Keep in mind that NIN is heading back out on tour for a few weeks, and that could affect any decisions regarding the status of the Q&A.

5.1.07 [6:12]

"Built In A Bottle", the final track on "Licker's Last Leg", is the newest addition over at Jeordie's youtube page.

4.30.07 [5:51]

Jeordie's latest responses to your questions are up on the Q&A page and, as promised, Goon Moon's myspace has been updated with some new tunage and new pictures.

4.29.07 [14:50]

Jeordie talks more about Goon Moon in a new video interview posted at Also, look for more updates on the Goon Moon myspace page very shortly.

4.28.07 [17:23]

Another round of responses can be viewed at the Q&A page.

4.26.07 [19:32]

The first round of responses to your questions is now available for your reading pleasure here. More answers will be added, so keep checking back. And keep the questions coming in while the opportunity is still open!

4.25.07 [23:25]

OK, everybody -- great news!! If you've ever wanted to ask Jeordie a question, here is your chance. Jeordie will be taking time out to answer questions from fans over the next couple of weeks via this website and a special page will be set up where I will publish the responses on an ongoing basis. Please send all of your questions to me at I will submit the questions to him and from those he will choose which ones to answer. Start sending them in now and hopefully we'll have something up in the next couple of days. Good luck everyone!

4.24.07 [6:08]

Goon Moon's myspace page has been updated with a full track from "Licker's Last Leg". Head on over there and feast your ears.

4.23.07 [20:09]

A new video uploaded this afternoon to the youtube page features a full original, unreleased track from Jeordie's own music called "Sleep With A Gun". Check it out here. Also just added is an unreleased Goon Moon track "from the desert vaults" called "Gateway" that you can check out here. Good stuff!

4.22.07 [11:06]

If you haven't been there yet today, a couple of new videos are up on the youtube page. Check this page frequently; new additions are coming in fast and furious. For those who might be curious, most of the trippy tunes you're hearing with these videos are all outtakes from old demos and such. The footage itself is a montage of old home movies and other miscellany.

A new review of "Licker's Last Leg" can be read at and a little blurb regarding the 2005 EP "I've Got A Brand New Egg Layin' Machine" has turned up on UK musician/writer Julian Cope's website, Click here to read it.

4.21.07 [8:41]

Two more Goon Moon visuals were born overnight and you can check them out You will want to bookmark the page, as well as keep an eye on the Goon Moon myspace page. Updates will be posted here as well. With the release of "Licker's Last Leg" almost upon us, lotsa cool shit's gonna be going off. Just 17 more days, kids. Tell your friends. Spread the word.

Meanwhile, activity continues on the NIN front with more dates added to their summer European trek: 8.12.07 at Incheba Hall in Bratislava, Slovakia and 8.13.07 at Slavia Zimni Sdion in Prague, Czech Republic. Tickets for both go on sale 5.3.07. Also, edited footage from Wednesday night's event, which appears to show some stuff from a different angle, is now up at

4.20.07 [12:14]

In celebration of 420, Goon Moon offers up more trippy shit for you. Check out this and then check out that.

4.19.07 [00:29]

Complete footage from the event which took place in LA a couple of hours ago is now available at Go. Now.

4.18.07 [18:33]

If you're currently crying in your beer because you're not one of the 4.5 chosen ones who get to participate in the NIN/ARG/AIR/OSR covert goings on taking place in LA on this unseasonably cold and windy night, here's a little Goon Moon love to help you ease roughly four minutes worth of pain. Enjoy! And don't forget, "Licker's Last Leg" hits record stores in slightly less than 3 weeks on 5.8.07.

4.13.07 [18:20]

Looks like NIN's 8.22.07 appearance with the Foo Fighters at Marley Park in Dublin is back on again. It's been relisted over at and tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster. An additional gig with the Foo Fighters will also be taking place on 8.21.07 at Meadowbrook Sports Center in Edinburgh and tickets for this one are also currently on sale at Ticketmaster. Finally, a Stockholm date has been confirmed for 8.7.07 at Hovet. According to the performance page, tickets for this one go on sale on 4.23.07, though no further information is given.

4.12.07 [22:11]

The 5.1.07 issue of Rock Sound magazine features a pullout section on Nine Inch Nails which includes a review of their recent Glasgow gig, an interview with Trent Reznor and a few thoughts from each band member on being a part of NIN. Jeordie had this to say:

On Nine Inch Nails versus Marilyn Manson: "Nine Inch Nails is actually work - it's fun but it's challenging. With Marilyn Manson I was just on autopilot doing what I do and people watched me. With this I have to live up to certain expectations that aren't mine. Any artist demands a certain perfection and working with anyone's challenging. But Trent's probably a better role model. He's a better boss to have, if you want to call him that."

On the highlights of being in Nine Inch Nails: "Anytime I start to get bored in this band Trent always pulls out something different that's neat to be involved in. It never ceases to amaze me, all the stuff he does that's outside the music. This album especially has got a whole other life to it, which is really fun. Obviously the music impresses me, but it's also all the other stuff, like Trent going to places with music and performance that no one's gone to before."

This issue is available for purchase at newsstands now.

4.5.07 [10:13]

Looks like NIN will be appearing at the Independent Days Festival in Bologne, Italy on 9.2.07. Because of the language barrier, I don't have much information other than to refer you to this location for further details as to tickets, etc.

4.4.07 [11:42]

NIN have been confirmed to headline the Rock Am See Festival in Konstanz, Germany on 9.1.07. Click on the link for ticket information. FYI, "Year Zero" can now be listened to in its entirety over at Click on the link next to the Big Scary Hand In The Sky picture and have at it.

4.3.07 [13:55]

The first review is in of "Licker's Last Leg", along with a download of the track "An Autumn That Came Too Soon". Go here to check it out.