Tuesday, 12.28.10

[15:51] Artisan News Service has released another portion of the interview they conducted with Jeordie at Dimebash 2010 at the end of October. No startling revelations (pretty much a rehash of what he said in the first interview) but it's another little something to pass the time as we wait for the new Manson record to materialize. Sounds like Goon Moon could be a part of Jeordie's 2011 plans as well (fingers crossed, Goon Moon fans!) and maybe some contributions to a new APC record? Judge for yourself here.

Wednesday, 12.08.10

[22:43] With today marking the six year anniversary of the tragic shooting death of Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Artisan News Service has released more interview footage from the Dimebash 2010 event held back in October, where Jeordie and a host other rockers share their favorite memories of their friend. Watch here.

Saturday, 11.13.10

[15:03] Check out the new picture on Goon Moon's Facebook page.

Monday, 11.08.10

[03:09] It has just been announced that Marilyn Manson has entered into a deal with Cooking Vinyl Records (The Prodigy, Groove Armada), who will handle distribution, marketing and promotion for the upcoming album, with the record itself being issued on Manson's own newly-formed Hell, Etc. label. All of the details can be found here and here. A release sometime in 2011 is expected.

Friday, 11.05.10

[12:42] Artisan News Service covered last week's Dimebash 2010 and spoke with Jeordie, among others, backstage. Check out the footage here. Thanks to for the find.

Wednesday, 11.03.10

[05:49] And now for some real news: Jeordie gives away a little info about the new Marilyn Manson album and reminisces about his friend Dimebag Darrell Abbott in a brand new video interview which took place last Friday, October 29th at the Dimebash 2010 all-star jam at the Key Club, where Jeordie was the evening's DJ. Watch it here!

Saturday, 10.23.10

[15:19] Halloween always seems to be the season for miscellaneous Marilyn Manson appearances, and yesterday Manson, Jeordie and director Eli Roth turned up at theme park Knotts Scary (aka Knotts Berry) Farm Halloween Haunt and posed for a bunch of photos. The one photo of Jeordie has been added to the Candid gallery; all of the others can be viewed here.

And this just in: Jeordie is scheduled to take part in Dimebash 2010, a tribute to "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott scheduled to take place at the Key Club on the Sunset Strip on Friday, October 29th. He will perform as part of an all-star lineup, as well as DJ the event. All of the details can be found here. All proceeds go to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund

Wednesday, 10.20.10

[00:52] Marilyn Manson's revamped official website is now up and running as of a few hours ago. Check it out at More to come.....

Monday, 10.18.10

[19:00] Here is some footage of Jeordie and Manson arriving at Saturday's Scream Awards, about to walk the red carpet.

Sunday, 10.17.10

[10:37] Getty Images has posted some video footage of Jeordie and Manson on the red carpet. Thanks to Norsefire at Provider Module for finding these.

[07:17] Some pictures from backstage at last night's Scream Awards can be found here.

Saturday, 10.16.10

[20:43] Jeordie and Manson walked the red carpet tonight at the 2010 Scream Awards -- and looked awesome doing it! Pictures can be found here and here (with possibly more to come as the night goes on). In the meantime, I've added a few of the images of Jeordie (sans watermarks) to the Candid gallery. The Scream Awards show will air on Spike TV this Tuesday, October 19th.

Thursday, 10.07.10

[05:48] If you weren't able to watch Manson's "Biography" special last night, the entire show is now available for viewing at Lots more commentary and insight from Jeordie, so don't miss it!

Wednesday, 10.06.10

[05:19] If you've been keeping up with Marilyn Manson news, you probably already know that Manson is featured tonight on A&E's "Biography". A few teaser clips have now been added to the show's website, several which feature comments about and from Jeordie, and you can watch them all here. The entire show can be watched tonight at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. PST.

Monday, 09.20.10

[11:57] After a really, really, really long wait -- Jeordie and Fred's "What's In My Bag" video from Amoeba Records has been completed and is finally up on Amoeba's website. Watch now!.

Monday, 09.13.10

[22:10] No, Jeordie won't be hitting the road with A Perfect Circle when they embark on their just-announced West Coast tour in November, but with three shows taking place in each city, including the Avalon in Los Angeles, it's certainly within the realm of possibility that he might manage a brief onstage reunion with his former bandmates. Frontman Maynard James Keenan has extended an invitation to him and other former members to stop by and lend a hand. "I think some of the shows, depending on timing and depending on scheduling, we'll have Paz and Troy and Jeordie pop down for a song or two," Keenan tells Rolling Stone magazine. Read the full article here. And keep your fingers crossed.

Saturday, 09.11.10

[15:01] "What's In My Bag" video. Coming [real] soon....

Saturday, 08.28.10

[04:53] Here's something really cool just put up for grabs on eBay by director/photographer Dean Karr -- a brand new 11x14 photo from the Antichrist Superstar era of Twiggy standing in the room where Dean shot all of the artwork for the record. Check it out here.

Tuesday, 07.06.10

[20:18] News is still relatively slow regarding the Manson record, etc., but found some new(ish) photos to share here (1 photo) and here (3 photos). Note that both pages will require some scrolling.

Saturday, 07.03.10

[17:36] Check out this new picture from Thursday night's DJ gig on Goon Moon's Facebook page.

Saturday, 06.26.10

[17:18] New Goon Moon music this year, and on a new label? Read this.....

Wednesday, 06.23.10

[06:24] They're baaaaack!! Jeordie and Fred return to The Bar in Hollywood on Thursday, July 1st for a brand new DJ night. The Bar is located at 5851 Sunset Blvd. and things kick off at 10 p.m. They will also be spinning tunes this Saturday night at Danzig's show at Club Nokia.

Sunday, 06.20.10

[04:38] After a six year absence, the Murderdolls took to the stage for two exclusive Southern California shows in Pomona and Los Angeles last week. What does this have to do with Jeordie? Find out here. Thanks to gabriel toxic via the Provider Module forums.

Wednesday, 06.16.10

[22:49] Goon Moon have just announced that Jeordie and Fred will have a new DJ night starting in two weeks. Details as to location, etc. forthcoming shortly!

Thursday, 06.10.10

[13:15] OK, so you don't quite have until tomorrow to get your order in for your Goon Moon t-shirt. The orders will actually be shipping out to the printer tomorrow morning, so if you want in on this, now would be the time to place your order.

Monday, 06.07.10

[17:54] The Goon Moon t-shirts are now available in a new color -- grass -- as well as in black. If you want a shirt of either color, better hurry -- the preorder will be closing down sometime this week this Friday, June 11th.

Wednesday, 06.02.10

[06:21] Due to popular demand, another round of the "Brand New Egg" logo t-shirts are being made available. Pre-order here.

Wednesday, 05.19.10

[11:08] Here is another interview with Marilyn Manson from last month's Golden Gods awards ceremony where he shares a little more info on the upcoming record, including the fact that it was, at that point, about halfway finished. Thanks to TheCynicalidealist at the official Manson boards for the find.

Thursday, 05.06.10

[14:53] The new t-shirts are available NOW. Better hurry, there's only 60 of 'em. Well, 59.

[06:26] According to updates made by Goon Moon and Coming Home Records on Twitter late last night/early this morning, there was a delay in the delivery of the t-shirts yesterday on the part of Fed Ex. They are now expected to be available sometime today.

Friday, 04.30.10

[17:36] The Goon Moon t-shirts will be available for purchase starting Wednesday, May 5th. That's the good news. The bad news is that there are only 60 of them, so.....better be quick!

Thursday, 04.29.10

[18:16] Some good news if you've been waiting to get your hands on a new Goon Moon t-shirt. Goon Moon have just announced that the new design -- which "looks great!" -- will be available for purchase in the official store early next week. Not sure how limited quantities might be, so be on the safe side and get yours right away!

Saturday, 04.24.10

[21:28] Goon Moon has added two new photos to both their myspace and Facebook pages -- your choice!

[08:09] Marilyn Manson drops more hints as to the direction of the new record and Jeordie's influence upon it during this interview from a few weeks ago at the Revolver Golden Gods awards. Thanks to Norsefire at Provider Module for the heads up.

Wednesday, 04.14.10

[14:26] Per Goon Moon's Facebook page, a new t-shirt design has been sent out to be printed and should be on sale in the store shortly!

Saturday, 04.10.10

[04:50] We know there's a new Marilyn Manson record on the way, but are there signs of life in the Goon Moon camp as well? According to an update on Goon Moon's Facebook page posted a few hours ago, they are "Doing stuff....for real." Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 04.07.10

[13:51] Melissa Auf Der Maur has a new album out this week entitled Out of Our Minds and Jeordie is among those helping out in the studio, playing guitar on track #10 entitled "The Key". Assisting in production and engineering are Goon Moon cohorts Chris Goss and Edmond P. Monsef. As you may recall, this isn't the first time Jeordie has worked with Melissa -- he also contributed to her 2004 solo debut "Auf Der Maur" (also produced by Goss).

Monday, 03.22.10

[18:20] We've all pretty much been assuming that a new Marilyn Manson record was on the way, and now Chris Vrenna, in a recent interview with, confirms that he, Jeordie and Manson are currently in the studio writing the new record and have a few tracks down already. You can watch the clip here.

Sunday, 03.21.10

[10:47] Marilyn Manson has added a photo of Jeordie to his myspace profile. Check it out here. More reason to believe the two are currently working together on new music?

Monday, 03.15.10

[22:49] While we're waiting for the new stuff to happen, here's a little blast from the past I found tonight: Marilyn Manson performing "Antichrist Superstar" in L.A. on 10.8.01. Enjoy!

Sunday, 03.07.10

[20:07] Goon Moon has posted a blog update on their myspace page. Read it here.

Wednesday, 03.03.10

[06:29] Goon Moon has activated an official profile page on Facebook, which will allow for a little more interactivity than their fan page, i.e. the ability to send messages, requests, etc. Go here and add them as a friend now!

Monday, 03.01.10

[11:09] With the news being really slow these days, only thing to update is the photo galleries. Check the Candid gallery for three new ones from the NIN tour.

Tuesday, 02.23.10

[06:36] New picture added to Goon Moon's myspace page (and Facebook as well).

Thursday, 02.18.10

[10:46] Since I've gotten a few inquiries over the last month or so regarding this issue, I wanted to inform everyone that at the present time, Marilyn Manson does not have any live performances scheduled for 2010. The confusion seems to stem from dates currently listed on Manson's official website, however, these dates are from last year and just haven't been removed or archived as yet. Should a new round of dates be scheduled, I am sure it will be accompanied by an official announcement. For now it appears that the band may be focusing their energies on writing and recording a new album. Hopefully more news on this end will be forthcoming soon, as well as news on the Goon Moon front.

Monday, 01.18.10

[18:09] Found more photos from the 2009 tour, not from Paris this time, but Sacramento, Montreal, and Quebec. Also, more video footage ("Rock Is Dead", "The Beautiful People", "Little Horn") has been added here.

Thursday, 01.14.10

[12:55] More pictures got it, Paris on 12.21.09.

Saturday, 01.09.10

[08:20] Seems like I'm finding more stuff from the Paris show than for the entire tour combined -- another set of photos from that show can be found here.

Friday, 01.08.10

[06:28] High quality footage from last month's show in Paris can be found at this location. Also, Marilyn Manson has posted this new photo on his myspace page. Incidentally, Manson's myspace status as of a few hours ago is "consumed and creating" -- is a new album in the works?